Teen Top is a group known for synchronicity and though their title tracks are known for high energy and well choreographed dance sequences, they have quite a catalog of softer B-sides. With their upcoming “Teen Top Night” concert series, it’s not hard to find a plethora of songs to capture the party spirit. Instead, this Side B will cover some of the slower, sweeter songs that Teen Top has to offer.

From their second EP Roman, “The Back of My Hand Brushes Against” expresses the hesitation and fear that comes from having a crush that may or may not be reciprocated. The boys sing about confessing well-choreographed not lose the girl they’re in love with and express the longing they have to hold her hand. It’s about the feeling of wanting to reach out and grab her hand when they’re walking side by side, wondering if she feels the same way while he suffers from this wanting.

“Date” is the epitome of a love song, complete with the images of a lovesick boy. But that doesn’t mean it’s overly saccharine. In fact, in describes the perfect date and the feelings afterward of being giddy and overwhelmed with happiness. “Date” goes on about remembering how a kiss feels, calling a lover after spending a whole day with them, and just being very relatable about young love in general.

High Five, Teen Top’s second full album, boasts “Because I Care” which has more of a mature, R&B feel. “Because I Care” still manages to capture the youthful love vibe prevalent in Teen Top songs:

Tomorrow morning
I’ll wake you up with a sweet kiss
Sleepin’ beauty, sleepin’ beauty
I’ll be a prince on a white horse
I’ll wake you up
Till then, dream of me

Even though the song references spending the night together, there’s still the element of sweetness that comes in when fairy tale allusions come into play.

Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without adding “Angel,” Teen Top’s appropriately named love letter to their fans. Throughout the song Teen Top reflects on the relationship between themselves and Angels. There’s a sense of awe that they have the loyalty and love of the fans they’ve gathered, comparing the feeling to being in a dream. Their Angels have been by their side for eight years now and the dedication between fan and group is as strong as ever.

Party songs are what you usually think of when you hear the word concert but Teen Top’s B-sides show that they’re still capable of providing songs to vibe to with a sweeter undertone. If you have the chance, check out Teen Top at one of their “Teen Top Nightshows.