May was an amazing time for comebacks and debuts, and for today’s Unsung Artists we have a collection of hot summer hits that we didn’t get a chance to praise. Though the genres and topics vary, there tended to be a common thread of bold and bright colors for MVs throughout most of May. Although it’s still lingering, K-Pop songs are also starting to distance themselves from the tropical trend.

Teen Top, “Seoul Night”

For our first MV, Teen Top dropped the single titled, “Seoul Night,” for their eighth EP album of the same name. The dance beat is about seeking out someone with romantic intentions with light and flirty lyrics:

In this city after sunset
Let’s start our own love film
Worries go down down, everything, it’s all right
Before the night is over

For a song about the night, the MV itself is well-lit and vibrant which adds to the song’s free-spirited theme. We also see moments where the boys are looking contemplative and forlorn which doesn’t go too well with the MV’s tone. Regardless, for the most part, the MV doesn’t take itself too seriously and focuses more on their loose and fun dance sequences. It’s the perfect summer song to let go and enjoy a hot summer night with friends.

Favorite, “Where Are You From”

Favorite is pretty in pastels in an extraterrestrial-themed MV. “Where Are You From” is from their second mini album since their debut in 2017. The song is about being so struck by someone’s good looks that you can’t believe they’re from the earth:

Which star did you come from?
You are the light
You came to get my heart.
I cannot believe it.

The girls look to have crashed and landed in a desert with two moons in the skies suggesting they’re not on earth. There are funny references to social media filters as some of the girls have animal features. Although the dance is simplistic, it’s appropriate for the basic tune of the pop song.

“Where Are You From” is a cute and amusing song about the beginnings of a crush, and the MV keeps with the cheery and exciting tone of the lyrics.

Kanto, “Salty”

Kanto returned with his first single since appearing on the survival show, “The Unit.” His song, titled “Salty,” is a breath of fresh air with its funky and brass-driven beat.

The lyrics of the song are about a person who can’t figure out how he managed to upset his girlfriend. He refers to her as “salty” which is a common slang for someone who is bitter or indifferent.

Although the topic of the song is negative, the MV is hilarious and light-hearted. Kanto plays various characters like a painter and a doctor as he’s trying to figure out what he did wrong. The color scheme is solid and bold contributing to the song’s more upbeat tone. The dancing in the MV is also loose and chaotic with more of party-themed vibe. Due to its different and funky tune, it’s one of the best songs of May.

N.Flying, “How R U Today”

N.Flying still hasn’t dropped the tropical trend, and while it’s starting to get a bit bland to hear these beats, “How R U Today” is still melodic and memorable. N.Flying put their own spin on the tropical beats with a rock and drum base creating an angst-filled song. The song itself is about wanting to return to a time when a couple was happier.

While the scenery is beautiful and peaceful, the boys are shown looking depressed and frustrated in keeping with the song’s topic. However, the MV lacks consistency when we see them happily playing football, and then sitting on the bleachers looking upset again. Is football that sad?

Hoeseung, who joined the group last year, brings a lot of emotion to the song when he sings the main chorus line, “Oh, baby, how are you today?” Despite being a sad song, it has a beautiful and tranquil tone due to its tropical beats.

Uni.t, “No More”

This is an MV without the bright and bold colors like the previous songs. Instead, the MV has a red, black, and neutral color scheme, but the members wear floral patterns that keep in the summer theme.

While survival shows give you the chance to get to know each member more closely, it’s bittersweet knowing that they’ll eventually disband. Uni.t are the surviving members of the show, “The Unit.” The group currently consists of 9 members: Woohee, Jiwon, Yoonjo, ZN, NC.A, Euijin, Yebin, Hyunjoo, and Suji. The sexy image of the group is reminiscent of girl groups like Miss A or Sistar.

Right off the bat, this is obviously a sensual song with the ladies performing seductive hip-based moves in groups of three. There’s no plot in the MV, but the colors, shadows, and dance set a frustrated tone.

The song is about not being able to control yourself because of a potential romantic partner who is seducing them. The persona of the song calls out, “Please, no more” throughout the chorus. The MV plays well with light and shadows creating a secretive and underground scenario. The lack of plots helps put the focus on the dancing which is intricate and unique showing only a few members at a time to not overwhelm the viewer. We only see all nine girls together during the ending dance sequence in the dark and rain creating a climactic finale to the MV.

Overall, May was a packed month for singles, so it’s great to take the time to go over some of the awesome songs we missed out on.

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