If you’re a U-KISS fan like me, you’ve probably seen Kevin, Xander, and Eli doing their weekly show for Arirang TV‘s Pops in Seoul. At the beginning of this new year, they switched to a new concept: “U-KISS Radio School”, and either ratings have dived, schedules collided, or SOMETHING happened, because when I tuned in this morning, there was another new concept!

Instead of the boys of U-KISS, there was a Korean girl introducing the special news and on Wednesdays, there will now be an interview with a kpop band. This week, it was my boys, INFINITE! I enjoyed the interview, and it’s refreshing to have subtitles on TV, so thanks for that, Arirang. (I also had “Before the Dawn” stuck in my head all day. I’m not sure whether or not to be thankful for that detail.)

Disclaimer: There is nothing posted on the Arirang website regarding this change, and frankly, all I know is what I saw this, this morning. (This is even after I checked my Twitter feed.) However, Arirang is a good channel to enjoy (I mean, Hello! Kpop news in English… wait, we have Seoulbeats for that, don’t we? haha.), so tune in next week (whether online or on TV), and see if there will be another band or more U-KISS.

Update: This morning was Radio School again.  So… I guess Arirang is staying with the Radio School thing? I was kinda excited about the interviews, but I’ll enjoy seeing the U-KISS boys every week, anyway.