The MV for the Supreme Team‘s song “Get Ready” from the Athena OST has been released via the Athena official YouTube channel.  The MV features scenes from the drama with Simon D and E-Sens’ rapping in the background, Check it out.

I love Supreme Team because they’re witty and funny and their songs are usually powerful.  With this song I felt like the song built and built,  but never got anywhere.  I kept waiting for something in the song because you could feel the building of emotion with the strings in the background, but then nothing.  The MV was good for about the first minute and then it too never really went anywhere either.  It’s kind of like the song and  MV tried to take us somewhere, but got lost and ended up going in circles.  It’s a shame really because I do like Supreme Team, but there was just something missing in this song and its MV.  I seldom like MVs from OSTs where they just use clips from the drama or movie because it always feels like they just slapped something together for the song.

(DIP, AthenaKOR)