Do you lay helpless, in the claws of Comcast’s Video-On-Demand, your soul sucking away with each queued episode of ‘Hoarders?’

Well, don’t count on liberating yourself soon, because Multi-cultural Video Broadcasting’s web site, is providing a video-on-demand (VOD) service offering licensed Korean dramas, movies, clips and music videos complete with subtitles.

KBS America is at the forefront of this project. They are a Los Angeles-based company that provides KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) programs in North America and are dedicated to spreading the love between the U.S. and the good old R.O.K.

“It’s not only the dramas, but a larger variety of Korean entertainment, like movies and K-POP, where all these materials formulate into the success of Hallyu (the Korean Wave),” said Chunai Choi, CEO and president of KBS America. “We are continually developing ways to enhance entertainment and interaction by expanding ‘Multi-cultural Video Broadcasting’ to everyone of different backgrounds.”

Most media content on is viewable with free registration. Points can also be purchased for access to full drama series or viewers can also obtain exclusive access to full series of drama episodes with the purchase of points ; if you’re really die-hard k-everything fan, you can get unlimited access for $11.99 per month.

Man,  they are really not joking with this hallyu thing.

Source: Louise Duffy @ Rapid TV News