On December 30th’s broadcast of SBS One Night of TV Entertainment, viewers were treated to an exclusive video of actor Lee Chun-hee (32) proposing to his fiancée, Jun Hye-jin, who is 9 years his junior.

In the footage, Chun-hee was shown on stage of My-Q’s concert, looking dapper in a black suit but wearing a nervous expression on his face. He then began his love serenade, When Midnight Comes, but the atmosphere was slightly ruined when the audience starting laughing (LOL). Although Chun-hee is well-known in the entertainment industry for his tone deafness, his hard work at giving his girlfriend a beautiful proposal did not go down the drain. Hye-jin, who was watching from the back door, was greatly moved by his sincere gift to her.

My-Q commented on the proposal, “The moment Chun-Hee met the eyes of Jun Hye-jin, his lyrics were forgotten. After that moment, I heard that he took out a ring from a box he had been holding, and proposed to Jun Hye-jin while singing.”

The happy couple will be married in March 2011. Apparently, Chun-hee is overjoyed and has been boasting proudly about his impending nuptials to Hye-jin, who also happens to be preggers.

Personally, I can’t believe this is really Stepmother Kim’s faithful sidekick who washed radishes with soap and tripped over his own feet, ROFL. Who knew that Chunderella could be so romantic? The whole thing did smell pretty fishy at first (my first thought was: a baby’s on the way? Totally shot-gun wedding!!), yet Chun-hee’s love for his fiancée does seem really genuine. I mean, check out the dude’s face when he was crooning to Hye-jin…oh be still, my heart!