Lee Chun Hee stars opposite Bae Doona in the new weekend drama Gloria. The story revolves around a nightclub that Doo Na’s character Na Jin Jin works at and how two friends support each other in trying to survive and overcome their unfortunate lives. Jin Jin spent her life taking care of her handicapped younger sister by working in the club and never was able to follow her own dreams of becoming a singer. Chun Hee plays a third rate gangster Ha Dong Ah who is a faithful childhood friend to Jin Jin. One night opportunity comes a-knocking for Jin Jin when the club’s singer fails to turn up and the story unfold from there. Check out the official trailer here.

Here’s some behind the scenes footage.

For his role as a gangster, Chun Hee hit the gym and worked on his physique and the results were recently displayed in Korea’s Marie Claire.

Not bad Chun Hee, not bad at all. Maybe it’ll help you get rid of your Chunderella image, but I don’t think so. Anyways, who doesn’t love Chunderella.

The cast includes So Yi Hyun, Oh Hyun Kyung, Lee Jong Won, and Suh Ji Suk as Jin Jin’s potential love interest. The PD is Kim Min Shik (Queen of Housewives, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry) and the scriptwriter is Jung Ji Woo (Wish Upon A Star, Glory Of The Family). Gloria is a Saturday/Sunday drama for MBC and premieres today (July 31st) in Korea. The drama is expected to be 50 episodes long.

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