BoA sure has been busy (and frequently tweeting) as of late!!

First she tweeted the poster for her upcoming 6th “comeback” album with the following message on the 29th:

“6th album Hurricane Venus!! Coming soon!!! I worked hard to make this!! Listen through the CD for good sound quality!!^^”

Then, on the 30th she tweeted another picture-this time of her working hard with renowned choreographer Rino on the choreography for her big comeback stage performance:

“I’m working hard on the first broadcast^^ But me and Rino unnie wore the same clothes.”

And today, the MV teaser to her album’s title song, “Hurricane Venus,” was revealed on MBC Music Core:

The full MV will be released in its entirety on the 2nd of August and BoA will have her comeback stage on the 6th on KBS Music Bank.

Who’s ready for her to blow everyone away??!!! I know I am! Although I wasn’t a *HUGE* fan of her foray into the American music scene (even though I would always get excited when I heard “I’ll Eat You Up” playing in a store or at my gym), I am SO anticipating her return to KPOP!!! “Hurricane Venus” sounds and looks hot so far, and I am definitely looking forward to hearing her perform the ballad written by Kim Dong Ryul-an amazing crooner, imo.

For me personally, the summer has been a little slow (which is crazy considering some of my faves have made comebacks and/or debuted their solo acts!!), so I can’t wait for Hurricane BoA to land.

Video credit: BoAjjangSubs

Photo credits and translations: Kbites