Welcome to the third episode of Pass the K-popcorn, where the Seoulbeats team get together to discuss their thoughts on K-entertainment and share their personal experiences.

2021 has been filled with ups and downs, from exciting new media releases to worrying news. As the year comes to an end, the editors and writers of Seoulbeats gather to discuss what lifted them up over the past twelve months and what gave them a terrible headache in the K-pop landscape.

Listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6SfpPMRKA8nMLqodfibiCF?si=38d4bf710793446d

0:01:39 Eye-catching moments of 2021

0:06:58 Dramas of 2021, talking about Netflix and Viki

0:18:08 Discussing scandals of 2021

0:24:18 K-pop NFTs

0:30:06 Online concerts and second generation comebacks

0:35:49 Price tiers for online concerts and exploitation of consumers

0:44:16 Music of 2021

(Music by lrobinson_sds from Pixabay)