In their continuing quest to conquer “The Land of the Rising Sun,” Big Bang appeared on Japanese music show Music Fair on the 31st. On the show, they performed their yet to be released 5th Japanese single “Beautiful Hangover.” Check it our here.

It’s good to see the boys performing together, but to be totally honest I didn’t like the song. The performance was good, but somehow the song just, ugh. Maybe I just don’t have the same tastes as their Japanese fans although I have liked their past Japanese singles (which were more so ballads). Or it could be that I can’t relate to the song because no hangover I ever saw was ‘beautiful,’ lol. It was a fun filled weekend for T.O.P. fans with this performance in addition to all the other performances he has been doing with Se7en for his comeback. This edition of Music Fair was filmed on the 2oth, which is why T.O.P. was able to be back in Korea for Se7en’s performances although Japan is a relatively short plane ride away.

The single for “Beautiful Hangover” is scheduled to be released on August 25th. Big Bang is supposed to return to the Kpop scene as a group this year with a new album that was supposed to drop this summer, but the summer is fading fast. The last album (of new material not including live albums) Big Bang dropped in the ROK was November 2008’s Remember.

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