SBS announced that a Director’s Cut DVD for the drama Prosecutor Princess will be released today. The set which is snazzily packaged consists of 8 DVDs which will also include behind the scenes footage, NGs, cast and crew interviews, and more. There are English subtitles, but only for the drama not the extras (I hate that they do that all the time). The DVD came about due to the many requests of avid fans (kind of how the You’re Beautiful Director’s cut DVD went down). The drama that starred Kim So Yeon as a kind of Korean Elle Woods along with Park Si Hoo, Han Jung Soo, Choi Song Hyeon, Yoo Geon, and Park Jeong Ah was better than I thought it would be. It held its own against the popular and more heavily hyped Cinderella’s Sister and Personal Taste and actually started gaining ground in the ratings as it progressed. I really believe that if any of the three drama were released at other times they would have gotten much higher ratings than they did than they did because they were all pitted against each other.

You can find links to buy the DVD at the SBS Prosecutor Princess homepage, the DCInside Gallery Prosecutor Princess page where they organized the DVD sale, or you can go straight to Innolife which is the site that DCInside routes you to for your order. Bad news is that the site is in Korean, but you should be able to navigate it to buy the DVD. For help with ordering and more information about the DVD, go to the DCInside Gallery Prosecutor Princess page or try browsing through the Prosecutor Princess’ Soompi forum.

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