2PM, the boy band that last year was set to take over the Kpop world until scandals almost tore them down, held their first ever solo concert last night at Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. The sold out crowd were not to be disappointed as the 6 members left standing Taec, Junsu, Nichkhun, Junho, Wooyoung, and Chansung pulled out all the stops to thank the fans that stuck with them.

To open the show, some label mates from JYPE performed to show some 2PM love and support.

First up was JYP’s rookie girl group Miss A who are currently tearing up the Kpop music charts with their hit “Bad Girl, Good Girl.”

Next up, were their OneDay brothers 2AM who performed their hits like “Can’t Let You Go, Even If I Die,” and “I Did Wrong.”

**Warning: The following contains pictures and videos that may be harmful to the average rabid Hottest. Some pictures of 2PM may be too hot and sexy for these fans to handle, especially some with 2PM members uh, ‘performing’ with backup female dancers. Seoulbeats and I (hijinx) will not be responsible for hyperventilating, fainting, or head explosions due to these images. LOL **

The main event was next with a special introduction of the boys who introduced the beast to Kpop, 2PM. Here’s a pic fest of some of the scenes from the concert.

The boys sang several of their hits, performed solo stages, did a hilarious parody of Taec’s drama Cinderella’s Sister and Taec, Chansung, and Wooyoung did a parody of Orange Caramel‘s “Magic Girl” that might just kill you of hypoglycemic shock with all its ridiculous cross-dressing aegyo-ness. For your further viewing pleasure, here’s some fan cam vids of the performace.

“Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop”

“Tired Of Waiting” and “I Hate You”

“Without U”

The one that started it all “10 out of 10”

* Okay I lied, more vids were released and I was waiting for this one – the one that blew them up “Again & Again.”

The boys also performed a new song.

By all accounts, the concert was a huge success. I’d love to stay here all day uploading pics and vids for y’all, but even I have my limits. To see pretty much what I think is the whole concert, check out HUAYful’s channel. You might want to also thank her (him?) for taking the time to take all the vids and upload them for fans who weren’t able to make the concert. If you want to watch all the vids (at last count there were over 30), act fast, you know how things can go down on YouTube.

cr: Osen, Newsen, and a whole bunch more of Korean newspapers, HUAYful