This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Guess which pill I took? The one that keeps me calm enough to review this mess every week and deal with the resulting fan explosion.

Though we have a fairly standard Inkigayo this week – I must have turned away from my computer at the wrong time because…anyone want to explain why Sulli is wearing a witch’s hat? It does coordinate with the outfit, but still. I think after all the hubbub last week about Sulli being a “giant”, she now makes it a point to be the tallest person in any given situation. Which, I wouldn’t blame her, all the analyzing was a bit much. She’s not six feet tall, damn.

Now G.NA, or as she is known by the male contingent, “that chick with the boobs.”

Which is a shame, because I could see her eventually becoming the new Lee Hyori/Son Dambi-esqe idol. Notice I did not say she deserved it, but she gets chants as loud as Miss A. That has to count for something.

Plus the song is catchy.

4Minute educate us on the importance of road safety while watching sea mammals in an aquarium. I know most idols don’t/can’t drive, but they could have stuck a car in there somewhere. Instead we just get red warning signs and lots of aegyo. Now that’s just lazy.

Se7en welcomes us to the Matrix, and my goodness, couldn’t you just see it? Se7en as Neo and TOP as Morpheous? No one will be as badass as Laurence Fishburne but TOP would be the closest candidate. Speaking of….

It may seem strange with all of the TOP-related news in media that I have been largely mum about it, seeing as a year ago, I wrote what amounted to an embarrassing love manifesto to Mr. T.O.P. Don’t think I haven’t been following TOP’s numerous activities – but on the off-off chance that someone English-speaking from YG comes upon this site, I don’t want to add more fuel to my crazy train. Sometimes you have to know when to save yourself. Just be sure that I did not move one inch nor utter one word for the entirety of TOP’s screen time. *Someday I will learn sufficient Hangul, become a cultural liaison to Korea and let your piercing eyes melt me up close.* Like I said, better to stay away.

Glad that Se7en’s back. I believe he really fills a kind of void in the music scene, and he’s been in the game so long, you know he knows what he’s doing. He’s a really good performer, which makes me sad at how misused he was in America. ‘Digital Bounce’ may not have been a hit in the US, but damn, it would have got him some attention. Sigh, baby steps. Baby steps.

It is down to SHINee and Miss A for Take 7 this week, and what do you know? Miss A win and I’m as shocked as they are. No, not really, but the look on Min’s face is hilarious. Ok, a win on each music show so far – Miss A fans it’s time to come out. I know SHINee fans are probably on the warpath, but do you know how weird it is to see a successful group with (seemingly) lukewarm fan support? We hear the chants, it’s time to come into the light people. Teen Top fans aren’t afraid, so neither should you. Reveal yourselves! Min talks for what seems like ages and aw, Jokwon dances with them at the end. Jokwon I love you.

And I’ll love getting past moving day even better. Any SB readers in the greater D.C. area? Maybe I’ll see you!! I’d look forward to it.