I’ve seen this floating around on a few different sites, but felt I had to post it here as I love nothing more than unreliable surveys masked as an accurate barometer as to who is popular in the music industry. It’s all a ploy to rile up the fan bases into buying more merchandise to support their idols. And yet, I can never stay away.

Courtesy of tvN Gil’s Newton Chart, a poll to determine the top male and female idol groups held between July 26th and August 1st.
Their “scientific” data gathering methods:

50% votes from a selection committee group, 30% from internet votes and 20% from mobile votes. Apparently the top 20 from each group were chosen but we’re only privy to the top eight.

Top male idol groups

1. DBSK (12199)
2. Big Bang (12176)
3. H.O.T. (6654)
4. 2PM (4878)
5. Super Junior (4322)
6. SS501 (4292)
7. MBLAQ (4265)
8. g.o.d (4128)

Top female idol groups:

1. SNSD (8828)
2. Fin.K.L (6447)
3. 2NE1 (5748)
4. Wonder Girls (5073)
5. S.E.S (3553)
6. KARA (2338)
7. Brown Eyed Girls (1768)
8. Jewelry (1666)

Nothing new here, but interesting to see some of the older groups in included. All I know is, the DBSK reunion concert, whenever it happens, is going to be epic.

Source: TV Daily