And no, not virtually either.  Everyone’s favorite clumsy actor, Lee Chun-hee is getting married next year.  His bride to be is fellow actress Jun Hye-jin who played his love interest in the Kdrama Smile, You.  Apparently they hit it off while playing a couple on the drama and have been dating ever since, the drama ended in March of this year.  It was confirmed on the 27th that the couple are dating and will be wed.

Chun-hee is 32 (Korean, 2/2/79) and Hye-jin is 23 (Korean, 6/17/88) making it a nine year age difference for the two.  Chun-hee is definitely of marriageable age for a Kdrama star and while Hye-jin is a bit younger it’s not scandalously so.  The couple will be getting married on March 1, 2011.

Hyori is going to be soo jealous that her BFF Chun-hee is getting married before her.  Awwww, Chunderella.  I wonder if Yoo Jae-suk will MC the wedding and maybe Daesung will sing the couple their wedding song?  Ohh, I miss Family Outing.  Congratulations to Chun-hee and Hye-jin.

* I had been wondering if perhaps Hye-jin was pregnant since that seems to be a trend in Korea.  I found another article that says in his announcement, Chun-hee confessed that Hye-jin is 8 weeks pregnant.  The couple is said to be really happy, in love, and excited to get married and have a child.

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