From recent reports, it would seem that Rain has been a very bad boy recently. After his, what some would consider disasters, with J.Tune Entertainment and embezzlement charges, as well as an impending enlistment in the army, some would say that Rain’s been having a tough year.

But bless it be, there’s some sun in this series of “Rainy Days!”

First of, Rain has recently been cleared of his embezzlement charges filed by a fabric manufacturing company after having suffered losses from a subsidiary of J.Tune Entertainment, J.Tune Creative. Even though two other officials were indicted, the court ruled in favor of Rain.

Secondly, Rain ended the year with his farewell concert “ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN.” Approximately 8,000 lucky fans from all over the world had the opportunity to witness Rain perform hits such as “Rainism,” “Hip Song,” and “Ways to Avoid the Sun,” as well as bid goodbye to their beloved idol before he enters a passage for Korean males which is also known as mandatory military service.

It seems like the seemingly “Eternal Rain” has cleared up for him and hopefully, with a new year under his belt, it stays that way.

P.S. Sorry for the sickening puns. Sometimes, I think I’m clever.