As my friends and family know, two of my greatest loves are (in no particular order): KPOP and food! And usually, the two are mutually exclusive.

So, how excited do you think I was when I heard that one of my favorite KPOP singers, Kang Min Kyung of Davichi would be singing a duet with Beast‘s Dong Woon about, of all things delicious, udon? Let’s just say I jumped out of my seat, went to my kitchen, and made a pot of steaming udon.

The song is brilliantly sung (although why did they use autotune?!! So unnecessary!), and the MV is so adorably sweet. (I really enjoy that the girl can scarf down all those bowls of the yummy stuff!) But seriously- who doesn’t like a heaping bowl of udon during the winter?!! I know I could use some right now…but there’s snow on the ground (and more to come judging by the forecast!) where I am, and tragically, I don’t have any instant udon.

I guess I’ll just watch the MV on repeat until I get my fill!

The single, “Udon”, was released digitally on music portals today.