Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu conducted his first ever college lecture at The Catholic University of Korea.  He spoke to a class of Business Administration students about his experiences in Television Programming and Production.  Gone was the rapper gear and out came the sports coat, vest, and slacks.  Sangchu looked great in his scholarly wear.

Sangchu shared with students his experiences as a rapper, a variety show participant, and an MC on various television shows.  He talked to the students about life as a celebrity and its pros and cons especially in regards to dating.  Sangchu also emphasized the importance of Public Relations and spoke of his own efforts of PR through the use of social media like his homepage and Twitter.  He encouraged the students to pursue their passion and to not give up on their dreams.

The class lasted two hours after which Sangchu took photos with several students.  The students remarked that Sangchu showed a lot of wit and humor in his lecture and that learning through someone’s real life experiences was fun and way more cool than what you learn from a book.