The new music video from the song “Check It Out” from featuring Nicki Minaj looks like it was hit by the Hallyu wave!

**Just FYI the song is uncensored and contains a few swear words. SB apologizes in advance.

Director Rich Lee describes the video as a “weird, futuristic Korean TV show.” Yeah, I definitely see that. Thoughts?? Personally I loved the intro with the Korean host as we know just how much Korean audiences love their hosts and other TV personalitites! And I think the song is hot! Wondering as to what the 3-D Hangul popups said? Don’t fret-your Hangul translator (and google searcher extraordinaire) is here to help! The words say “Try it once,” “Hot,” and “This party is awesome.” I guess has learned a thing or two working with KPOPstars, huh?