20120805_seoulbeats_clwilliamThe 2NE1-will.i.am news is  becoming more and more frequent; following their collaboration for Intel’s latest campaign, “Take The World On,” comes the announcement that the YG girl group will be one of the featured artists on Black Eyed Peas front-man will.i.am’s upcoming album, #willpower.

2NE1 and will.i.am have been in collaboration mode for a while now, with the latter producing the foursome’s first English album. But “Take The World On” is the first official, large-scale outcome from this partnership, and its continuation with will.i.am’s trend-ready album is a good sign that we may be getting just that bit closer to getting our hands on a 2NE1 English album. And with news of SNSD and RaNia’s upcoming US activities, it looks like fans have a lot of the global lingua franca to look forward to from the ladies of K-pop.

#willpower drops on the 23rd of April. Are you looking forward 2NE1’s appearance on the album, readers? Or are you more wary? Leave your thoughts and more below!

(E-Daily via NaverFuse, Intel)