From the cupboard under the stairs, apparently. No really, I’m not that far off.

On the September 9th episode of  Mnet’s ‘Beatles’ Code’ they said, “Finally we get to escape and move out from the dormitory located in the basement.”

Now that they’ve got a proven hit single and some money in the bank, they are finally allowed to move into that………. two bedroom apartment they’ve always wanted?

“We moved to a new house of our dreams. Even though there are only 2 rooms, we had bunk beds in the rooms which give  us more personal space.”

Maybe it’s just my aversion to sharing living space with anyone, and I know this is typical for pretty much any kpop group , but when you’re  fairly famous popstars and I, a penniless graduate student living in an efficiency apartment, am feeling sorry for you? Yeesh. Now I know why Korean pop stars work so hard – they’re trying to get out of that damn basement! Though, I suppose if they’re happy that’s all that matters. Secret fans, keep supporting your gals and they might get to that four bedroom with the extra closet space!