Like many of you fellow kdrama watchers, I, too, have been spending WAY too much time tuning into many of the currently airing shows! I have been particularly obsessed with two shows as of late- the ever-so-cute “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” and the girl (slash Ahjumma)-power vehicle that is “I am Legend“. I think that one of the main reasons why I am so particularly drawn to (read: TOTALLY OBSESSED with) these two dramas of all the many I’ve seen bits of  (even those with really good looking ensembles-I’m talkin’ ’bout you Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Playful Kiss!), is that I freaking love the female leads- Gu Miho (haha clever naming!) and Jeon Seol Hee-played by Shin Mina and Kim Jung Eun, respectively.

For those not watching (and/or wasting away hours in wait of subbed and uploaded episodes), Miho in MGIAG has a ton of spunk-as a feared Gumiho maneater, she doesn’t take crap from anyone-especially Lee Seung Gi’s wimpy character ! But, being new to the 21st century, she is very naive and innocent. Seol Hee in IAL, on the other hand, is a legendary jjang turned Stepford wife-she has a rock ‘n roll side to her but had to keep it hidden under a hardened and proper shell while married to a lawyer with political aspirations (and a scary mom!).

I’m sure most of you are wondering why I am talking so much about dramas when this post is supposed to be about fashion…well, I’m getting there!

Shin Mina’s wardrobe on the set of MGIAG started out pretty sad-she had one white (well dirty white by the end of the first episode, anyway) dress, but as the series has progressed we’ve seen a slight makeover and some cuter, more colorful clothes!

One dress, 3 episodes?!!

I would be crying too if I was as pretty as Mina and wearing that outfit.

I think that the stylists of IAL wanted to show off Kim Jung Eun’s rocking body, so they have refused to put her in anything that is not a mini-skirt or short shorts (seriously-I don’t think I’ve seen her in pants at all…). And she got to wear everything from complete head-to-toe Chanel to sequins, sequins and more rockstar sequins! Jealous!!!

From total square...(although I covet the Chanel!) complete rockstar!

Anyway, here are two looks inspired by each of the kdrama characters (and somewhat affordable!):

Kim Jung Eun’s Jeon Seol Hee

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Shin Mina’s Gu Miho (Do you like the extra props, MGIAG fans?!! HAHA Also, I felt an updated and cute version of the messenger bag Miho was given was much needed. The one in the show is so fug!)

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