If that does come to pass, it will be entirely his fault.

Comedian and ex-Roo’ra and Country Kko Kko member, Shin Jung-hwan, is currently embroiled in a gambling debt controversy. According to reports, he made a trip to the Philippines on August 27, in the hopes of making some quick won. But as fate would have it a third time (yes, he managed to get out of debt issues before), he chalked up a huge debt that called for Philippine authorities to bar him from leaving the country.

A representative from his agency was interviewed earlier today and it was revealed that another staff member was sent to bail him out of custody not long after the incident. However, Shin has been missing from tapings of all his variety shows. It is not known if he is back in Korea or is in fact still in the Philippines for personal reasons.

His 70 million won fine in 2005 (for gambling) and another 180 mil won court case (over debt) has already tarnished his image and the media is speculating that this third time’s going to be very unlucky for him. He could be very well be forced to quit showbiz altogether.


According to the Sports Chosun, Shin Jung Hwan is indeed still on Philippine soil and is currently playing hide and seek after kicking up dust. A person that is thought to be the man has been sighted in a Hotel/Casino establishment in Cebu.

With this whole furor, he has indefinitely dragged down with him the variety shows and fellow cast members for his actions. His agency is also currently awaiting personal notice from him on his whereabouts.

cr: mydaily