Comedian and ex-Roo’ra and Country Kko Kko member, Shin Jung-hwan is apparently on the run from the mounting bad press that is surrounding him since his gambling debt scandal was unveiled.

Cho Jae-hyon, of  The Korea Times, reports that Shin denied the allegations that he gambled away millions of won in the Philippines and instead told the media that he checked himself into a hospital in Cebu on Tuesday to receive treatment for dengue fever. He even posted a long letter and picture on his fan club website of himself receiving a checkup. However, an SBS television crew interviewed one of the hospital’s doctors and were told that he did not have dengue fever.

After leaving the hospital on Friday, Shin’s agency is uncertain about his whereabouts. Shin’s aide, who was supposed to accompany him back to South Korea, told the press that when he/she visited Shin briefly in a Cebu hotel he expressed the desire to escape the negative media attention that awaited him back home and find solace in a third country. The aide reported, “He checked out of the hotel and disappeared.”

Shin has not been in contact with his agency for weeks and is believed to still be either somewhere in Cebu or to have  found a way to secretly flee to a third country.

cr: Korea Times