Say what? Yeah. It’s true. Sexy man Oh Ji Ho of Chuno and Queen of Housewives fame is in the kimchi business. The best part is not the fact that he is launching his own brand of kimchi with three other studly CEOs Oh Byung Jin, Yook Gi Seok, and Kim Chi Young. Oh, no. Brace yourselves and get ready for Namja Kimchi, which literally translates to “Man Kimchi.”

When I think of kimchi, I think of an ajumma (older Korean woman, married or old enough to be) squatting in the kitchen, decked out in her plastic kimchi gloves and churning out the magic that is the traditional fermented Korean dish. Now, I have to give it to them for their departure in packaging kimchi as more of a slick, not-so-gender-specific product advertised by men while still having the “taste of kimchi a mother prepares for her family” as the selling point (ok, so you can argue they’re not really about gender equality). The ads are hilarious and the parody CF is like icing on the cake. Ridiculous, but funny.

Do YOU want a piece of Namja Kimchi?

Credit: Newsen