Ha Ji-won‘s summer blockbuster Sector 7 opens in South Korea on August 4th.  The long awaited action sci-fi flick heralds in some of the best CGI work to come out of the ROK to date, but some critics say that while the movie exceeds in special effects- it lacks in story.  Sector 7 will be South Korea’s first film available in the 3D IMAX format.


If you’re the type that likes to see a lot in their trailer, you can see a longer one here.  I’m not much of a monster movie type of person, but I’m rooting for Sector 7 to do well in spite of that and it’s weak story, why?  Because in it Ha Ji-won plays a kick butt oil rig manger that takes on the creepy uglies head on.  For her role in the movie,  Ha Ji-won endured strenuous weight training and swimming regimens as well as earning her scuba diving and motorcycle licenses while doing all her own stunts.  I like that in the movie Ha Ji-won plays such a strong role as the movie’s lead actor.

While I know that not all women are cut out to be a motorcycle riding bad ass, not all are cut out to be aegyo princesses, either.  It’s examples like this that can let a girl know in the often female oppressed South Korean Society that there’s definitely more to life than the norm.


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