While some of us, (ahem) do not have tickets to 2NE1’s first solo concert being held at the end of August, those attending are in for a real treat. If you are also a Park Myungsoo fan, he will be a special guest at the last concert on August 28th to the sing the best song in the entire world, ‘Naengmyun (Cold Noodles)’ with 2NE1 member Dara.

Contrary to many fans of the song, the main attraction for me is not SNSD’s soprano Jessica; it is the delicious, refreshing Korean dish that has finally beenĀ  given the spotlight it deserves. Sure it it may seem off-putting at first – cucumbers, radish, pears and beef on buckwheat noodles topped with a boiled egg in ice-cold broth- butĀ  one meal, and I could never go back.

So, the fact that he is performing this song with Dara is of no consequence to me; in fact, concerning her personality it will likely suit her well. Lucky Blackjacks.

Naengmy- uh, 2NE1 forever! Whoo!
For reference, Jessica’s version:

Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com