…Now SM says GTFO.

A video featuring a unnamed Cambodian boy ahjussi group surfaced a few weeks ago. The five member group was shown singing what appeared to be a Khmer version of SHINee‘s “Ring Ding Dong.”

I thought it was a parody. It wasn’t.

The video has finally caught SM attention, and SM reports that the Cambodian group’s song/cover/example of blatant plagiarism was not warranted and is “definitely an illegal action.” SM now plans to take legal measures to resolve the problem.

Dude, SHINee was in Cambodia promoting that same song in February and the country effing loved it. Of all the songs to plagiarize…

With all the eyebrow-raising plagiarism scandals that have plagued K-pop as of late, it’s kind of a relief to see something that, at the least, will give you a few chuckles. Although I’m kinda half disappointed that SM decided to crack down before they released their version of “Lucifer.”