Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take the time out of the week to share some of the most recent fashion-forward photos tied to the K-pop landscape.

Cherry blossom season is in full swing, and those lucky enough to view the trees this year are rewarded with a quintessential spring sight of pale pink and white petals against baby blue skies. This week fashion holds it’s own cherry blossom festival, as idols and models are adorned in delicate pastels to match the fleeting mid-spring season.

Yoon Eun-hye | Vogue (above and below)

20150419_seoulbeats_Yoon EunHye

Zico (Block B) | Maps 

20150419_seoulbeats_block b_zico

Lee Sung-kyung | Perche S/S 2015

20150419_seoulbeats_lee sungkyung

Choi Cho and Lala (Rubber Soul) | Dazed and Confused 

20150419_seoulbeats_rubbersoul_choi cho_lala

Kim Ji-suk | Grazia

20150419_seoulbeats_Kim Ji Suk

Sojin (Girl’s Day) | Sure 

20150419_seoulbeats_girls day_sojin

Hongki (FT Island) | CéCi

20150419_seoulbeats_ft island_hongki

Sulli (f(x)) and Lee Chul-woo | High Cut


Kim Jung-eunInstyle

20150419_seoulbeats_Kim JungEun

Hong Jong-hyun | bnt International

20150419_seoulbeats_Hong JongHyun

Kim So-hyun | Vogue Girl 

20150419_seoulbeats_kim sohyun 2

Yoona (SNSD) | CéCi


Shin (Cross Gene) | CéCi

20150419_seoulbeats_cross gene_shin

Taecyeon (2PM) and Lee Yeon-hee | High Cut

20150419_seoulbeats_2pm_Taecyeon_Lee Yeon Hee

Lee Yeon-hee | High Cut

20150419_seoulbeats_Lee Yeon Hee



IU and Lee Hyun-woo | Unionbay Summer 2015

20150419_seoulbeats_IU_Lee Hyun Woo

Tiffany (SNSD) | Instyle


(Images via Vogue Korea, Vogue GirlMaps, Perche, Dazed and Confused, Grazia, SureCéCi, High Cut, InStyle, bnt International, Unionbay)