• The Green Witch

    Good one.

  • takasar1

    its a cute warning and a nice article but i think the author overestimates the global koreaboo population, as well as the level of obsession with koreans. there are even more ‘weaboos’ and god knows how many people around the world fall in love with chinese culture (not so much the ccp however). they act even more obsessed and crazy than kpop fans. the fact is that obsession and a deluded mentality are only cured when (not ‘if’ but ‘when’) one comes into contact with the other face of the object which holds their affections.

    • slumber

      Hey, this is the author (I need to get a proper id -_- )

      Just a clarification that the content of the article stems from K-Idol fetishization and does not deal with other triggers of racial fetishism. Also, the intention was not to map the extent of obsession neither was it to talk about the koreaboo population; it refers to underlying fetishism, not blatant, focusing more on passive aggressive fetishism where the fetishized object feels an ugly sense of being racially objectified but is unable to point his/her finger on what exactly is the cause of such feeling. The example referring to the north-east was meant to indicate the indirect consequences of such racism :)

  • jjay1234

    Great article. To add, there is one thing I noticed through experience – for these individuals who fetishize East Asian features (or any culture, for that matter) as a result of blind adoration and not realize that that in itself is racist, I find them the most difficult to deal with. They often excuse their behavior as a pledge of love. The situation is easier to manage if a racist is aware of his/her own racism. But dealing with those who are in adamant denial is like trying to teach a rock to talk. It’s almost wasted efforts.

    A bit off topic but another scenario is when they find ways to exempt themselves as a racist by form of association (i.e., “I have one black (Asian, Mexican, etc.) friend; therefore, I can’t be a racist”). As if having association grants you a free pass to engage in any racist behavior as you please simply because that association supposedly indicates your acceptance of a certain culture.

  • SB_Mark

    This article reminds me of this:

    “Of course you’re beautiful. I don’t believe in colonized standards of beauty.” #ActivistPickUpLines

  • bigmamat

    I never really quite understand the point to most of these posts in Seoulbeats about race. This one is really no different. I have a problem with this narrative and I’ll tell you why. Kpop actively cultivates, promotes and profits from fetishization. I need to understand the line of thinking when it creates a racism problem out of something that is problematic to start and has nothing to do with race. It sounds like you’re saying it’s perfectly fine for Kpop to create fetishes out of young Koreans as long as the target is other Koreans. The writer admits that idols are meant to be viewed as perfect living statues or objects of glorification. Obviously this also means that idols don’t really look like ordinary Koreans. So when non Asians fetishize Koreans it’s automatically racist because they are of a different race? The problem isn’t about race it’s about the cultivation of the idol fetish. It can have very real life detrimental side effects for everyone who consumes it. For Korean women it’s the “standard” or ideal for beauty that includes surgery and starvation diets. For Korean men it’s the same standard where women who don’t look like idols are determined to be undesirable. That’s just one consequence of this fetishism. Is it problematic for non Asians to fetishize Asians? I say it certainly can be but that’s just another consequence not the only one. The real problem is the target for this fetishization and it has nothing to do with race. It’s about targeting young people. It doesn’t matter their race. It matters that they are young and impressionable and usually right at the point in their lives when they need an outlet for their unexpressed sexual and romantic energy. Turning teen age Kpop fans into racists just because they aren’t Korean is not actually addressing the real issue at all.

    • slumber

      I don’t know whether you have the read the article completely or I have failed to put forward the main agenda of this article. I have mentioned in a reply to the a previous comment and within the ambit of the article that I am clearly dealing with racial fetishism STEMMING out of K-Idol Fetishization. K-Idol fetishization is the ROOT and it can have gazillion branches but I am dealing with only of it in the article.
      I think you must be endowed with privileges to think that such kind of fetishism is not a racial issue but when there are accounts of people facing this fetishism, when there is a thing called ‘yellow fever’, when there exists an unawareness of the wrongness of what they are doing and most importantly, when there is an audience which believes that such issues are apolitical,then clearly it is ALSO a matter of race.
      Impressionable Korean teenagers don’t go around indulging in racial passing; impressionable non-Asian teenagers do, and I have already mentioned in the article that I am not putting the onus of the problem completely on their shoulders.
      every teenager grows up with a certain cultural baggage, every teenager grows up as a victim of certain conditioning. However, once enlightened they try to break away from that thought paradigm.Therefore, if they are indulging in passive racism (INTENTION does not matter) they need to be told so.
      I think my article encompassed all these points already except in a compressed form. To think racial fetishism is not a real issue is insulting the experiences of the people who have gone through it.

  • http://faboomama.com Anika Malone

    I like this article because fetishization of Asians (mostly by white people) is one thing I’ve seen all my life. As a kid, when people found out my mosque was mostly SE Asian, it was gross, but the comments on Bollywood fan pages eventually made me stopped going. A few years ago, I came across some girl screeching she wanted a Korean boyfriend. Because of a drama. -_- Absolutely sickened, I realized what I saw happen with Bollywood and J-dramas/J-pop in the 90s is happening again. I see girls on Tumblr babbling on about how they now have a Korean friend. They don’t seem to know much about their ‘friend’ except for their Korean-ness.

    That those people racially fetishizing don’t even realize how banal and stupid they sound when they defend their racist ideals is amusing. I’ve seen some of these same people get so upset when a black or Latino man hits on them, “They just want me because I’m white”. >.>

  • White Devil

    Hello, I just wanted to say you sound a tad delusional. Also, you may want to turn down the xenophobic, nationalistic, and overly sexually preoccupied vibe your giving off because you come of looking like a douche. Have a nice one.