It’s Friday the 13th, everyone! And to celebrate, I have for you a SB Mixtape which mixes together both K-pop and South Asian, or Desi, music!

This mixtape comes at an especially apt time, as Kyuline journey to (and from) India; the reason the country (and surrounding nations) may be considered a “cultural wasteland” is because its music has already migrated over to South Korea, as seen in nine of the tracks below. And if Kyuline’s mission is to spread K-pop to India (and surrounding nations), then it makes sense that Changmin was a no-show. As the bonus track at the end shows, his group has already managed to cross-over, with commercial success.

From Pakistani Punjabi folk, to South Indian Dappan Koothu, and every adlib in between (all your dum-di-dum are belong to us), listen and experience the sounds of the Sub-continent through Korean mainstream music:

Desi K-pop from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.