20130214_seoulbeats_heartchocolatesIt’s that time of the year again!

The K-pop gods have, for some reason, granted you the opportunity to give a Valentine’s Day gift to all the members of your Hallyu bias list. You slave away, hand-making chocolate for your bias list and your efforts pay off. Unfortunately, the chocolates are so delicious that you get carried away with the taste-testing.

You realize too late that you’ve eaten pretty much all of the chocolate — only three pieces are left. You look at the measly amount sitting on the kitchen bench, then at your bias list. After hurriedly beseeching the K-pop gods to magically multiply your now-pitiful stash (which doesn’t work, by the way) you come to the realization that, this year, you may have to be a bit more economical with your love.

And now, you are left with a difficult decision to make.

To which three of your biases will you give your chocolate (and heart)?


1. At least one chocolate must be gifted to a non-idol.
2. Only one chocolate per K-pop group; so only GD or T.O.P, you can’t have both.
3. You can’t give a chocolate to a whole group (Super Junior would not be pleased, let me tell you.)
4. You can’t keep any chocolates for yourself: you already ate most of them, stop being selfish.
5. You can change who you want to give your chocolates to during the game, but you must adhere to the above conditions.
6. Failure to adhere to the above conditions will result in your chocolates being confiscated and replaced with convo heart candies.
7. No gender restrictions either; give your candy to whomever you wish!

20130503_seoulbeats_shinee_minhoGaya: I think Minho and Chen are permanent locks on my bias list, at first and second place respectively.

I’m making another Freddo-like confection for Minho, but this one will have a mango-flavoured filling to help remind him that India is more than a “wasteland.” Chen, meanwhile, will have his chocolate sliced up and placed in an advent calender: he can have a piece every time a member leaves Exo.

After some deliberation, I’ve decided on Kang Ha-neul for my last chocolate: I loved his character in Misaeng and have been admiring him ever since I learnt about his passion for musical theatre and how he chooses his projects. His chocolate can be shaped like a musical note!

Leslie: I would probably just finish the chocolates off myself because I’m my number one bias (hah), though I don’t know in what world I would eat all of the chocolate — not a big fan.

But the first two would go to Shinee‘s Taemin and DBSK‘s Changmin because they’re my top biases. After the great last year Taemin had, he deserves a reward, so I’m concocting him a special semi-sweet chocolate mixed with homemade dulce de leche. In the hopes that he and Yunho will stop with the four-letter title concept for their Japanese albums, I’m making a deliciously sweet chocolate filled with caramel as a bribe for Changmin.

And my final chocolate would undoubtedly go to Joo Ji-hoon. He won my heart with Goong and never gave it back through all the dramas and films. He’s getting an orange and dark chocolate confection, classic and perfect.

111114_seoulbeats_vixx_leoLaverne: It’s no surprise to anyone that my first chocolate will go to Leo. It would be in the shape of cat because that would make him smile, and everyone knows his smile is a beautiful, beautiful thing (and that my love for him is undying). Since I don’t have a second bias, the second candy I would give to Ailee because she seems like she has a great personality and that she would be a blast to hang out with!

For the non-idol choice, I debated between Kim Woo-bin and Lee Soo-hyuk, but in the end, Lee Soo-hyuk won out. That deep voice and shy smile make my inner fangirl squeal, and I am just waiting for the day he finally gets a lead role.

Taylore: Picking who my chocolates go to is the easy part for me. The most delicious one goes to B1A4‘s CNU, who captured my heart three years ago and has refused to let go ever since. My second chocolate goes to VIXX‘s Ravi, and since he since thinks he’s such a cool, swaggy guy, I would give him the smoothest chocolate to make him feel good about himself. My designated non-idol chocolate would go to Zion.T. That chocolate would have to have a little kick in it to match his sassy singing voice.

Lo: Wait, I didn’t eat all the chocolate? Weird.

Number one is Jay Park, who’s getting a velvety dark chocolate, something that takes an adult, refined palate to truly appreciate. After him is Song Ji-eun, getting the always classy milk chocolate truffle. My last one is going to Shin Sung-rok, who quickly became one my favorite actors. He’s getting dark chocolate with a coconut filling.

20140412_seoulbeats_bap_youngjae2Lindsay: I’m jealous of y’all saying this is easy! Apparently I just have too many biases.

I’ll give a lovely mint-chocolate truffle to VIXX’s Hyuk, my all time favorite maknae. For my ultimate bias, B.A.P‘s Youngjae, a fluffy coconut treat dipped in white chocolate and decorated to look like a bunny head.

And for my non-idol love, Yoo Ah-in, dark chocolate with cherries and red chili powder — sexy as hell, just like him.

Andy: First, I’ve had the same top bias since I first got into K-pop 4 years ago: Big Bang‘s T.O.P. To match his charismatic exterior but dorky interior, I’ll give him a nutty, rich, dark chocolate truffle: smooth on the outside with a surprise on the inside.

Second, it’s Block B‘s Protractor, B-Bomb, who has been my #2 for a few years. It’s hard to resist those dance skills and that dimple he likes to show off. For him, I’ll choose a piece of dark chocolate with mint filling: refreshing and sweet, with a bite of sultriness.

Third, one of my new biases: Lee Jong-suk. He’s got me all sorts of twisted, so he gets a milk and white chocolate swirl. It’s a lovely combination and quite like his oddness: pretty looks, but seductive stare.

Camiele: As with Andy, my ultimate K-pop bias has been the same for four years: Park Yoo-chun. There’s nothing exceptionally complex about him. He’s said many times he can just spend an evening alone, listening to his records for hours and hours with a (couple) bottle(s) of wine and/or a couple bottles of whiskey. So for him, a 70% dark chocolate truffle mixed with a bit of cognac to give it a smoky sweetness.

20120617_seoulbeats_yoonmiraeI’d have to hand one off to my queen, Song Ji-hyo. She’s silly but incredibly sophisticated. She’s got a delicious sense of humor but is also very strong-willed and independent. I’d go with a semisweet chocolate-covered strawberry. Not too tart and not too sweet. Just perfect like her.

I can’t help but give one to the ultimate empress: Yoon Mi-rae. I don’t even have the words to describe how much I love her and what she means to me as a woman and an artist. So I’ll have to make her my favorite type of chocolate: dark chocolate covered pomegranate. Just sweet, savory, perfect like Tasha!

Chelsea: My first chocolate will without question go to my ultimate bias, Key from Shinee. I think chili pepper dark chocolate would suit his fiery personality nicely. I would give my second chocolate to Baekhyun of Exo, but I have a feeling someone else on staff is going to take care of that — so instead I’ll give it to my dream girl, Amber Liu. She’ll get sea salt dark chocolate, because it’s unique but still sweet and full of flavor just like her.

If I have to choose a non-idol, I’ve always admired Yoo Jae-suk. I’ll gift him simple milk chocolate because much like the way Valentine’s wouldn’t be complete without the classic chocolate, Korean variety would be incomplete without Yoo-nim.

Nick: ME! Chelsea’s feeling is right, because there’s a good chance that I am that “someone else on staff.” My ultimate bias Byun Baek-hyun will be getting a peanut butter truffle drizzled with white chocolate: something reasonably stylish, but with a youthful flair.

20121017_seoulbeats_exo_k_baekhyunMy next piece of chocolate was really hard to choose, but after much deliberation, I’ll be giving a cookies-and-cream chocolate bar to Taehyung from BTS; playful, but with a crunchy bite to it, just like him.

And since Valentine’s Day is all about spontaneous love, my last piece is for my newly-discovered love, Kim Min-jae from Persevere, Gu Hae-ra. He’s a new actor, relatively unknown but full of talent (even just in a recurring role), so I think a simple square of dark chocolate represents his budding potential.

Joyce: Chocolate milk for grandpa Sunggyu whose teeth can’t handle any solid food. OK, just kidding. Maybe a soft chocolate truffle that requires minimal effort to chew and can just melt in his mouth.

My second one would be a SIX-PACK chocolate bar to BTS’ Jimin. Sorry, that pun was just asking to be used.

And lastly, a baseball-shaped white chocolate concoction to my favourite Chilbongie, Yoo Yeon-suk!

Irteqa: I think that doling out chocolates and Valentine’s Day in general embodies a sort of shy ambience — gathering up courage and confessing to a person that you truly admire them. In honour of this bashful feeling, I have decided to give my chocolates to those I have recently gotten to know, but really appreciate. M.I.B‘s Kangnam would receive a tangy orange mousse swirled onto decadent milk chocolate, a unique combination for a unique and sincere guy like him. Savoury ginger wrapped in smooth dark chocolate would go to Teen Top‘s Changjo for his equally classy and smooth skills. And last but not least, to the emerging little flower in the K-entertainment biz, Lee Sung-kyung would receive a delicate cherry cloaked in milk chocolate with a healthy white chocolate drizzle; this one is a multilayered treat with plenty to offer, just like her.

20141126_seoulbeats_leesungkyung_ceciAmy L: My first chocolate is going to BTS maknae Jungkook. He’s getting a chocolate biscuit as a classier take on the childhood Chocopie in the hopes that he’ll take advantage of his young age and remember to have some fun while he’s busy working.

Daehyun is my number one bias; I’d give him all the chocolates in the world if I could (and he’d eat them all, too). But for now he’s getting a chocolate mint truffle, with the hope that he’ll receive an equally fresh start for him and his bandmates this year.

Finally, my last chocolate goes to Unpretty Rapstar‘s Yuk Ji-dam. Despite a largely unsuccessful and heavily scorned stint on SMTM3, she’s worked hard to improve herself since then and it shows. I’ll give a strawberry cream truffle encased in a milk chocolate shell to Ji-dam, who deserves a sweet taste of success.

Willis: Would the K-pop gods be able to grant me an ability to cook? If so, my first chocolate would go to Kang So-ra. I am trying to meet my New Year’s resolution and finally watched a drama — Misaeng. Her portrayal of Ahn Young-yi won me over as a fan. Her character was a breath of fresh air, so a mint chocolate might be fitting.

My second chocolate would go to Lee Kwang-soo. He is probably my favorite cast member on Running Man. As someone who is always willing to embrace any situation to bring laughter to audience, he is quite admirable. I would make a giraffe shaped chocolate for him.

My last chocolate would go to Hyuna. It would be ‘H’ shaped and have chopped almonds and cashews sprinkled over it, since this latest 4minute release has me going nuts for the group!

Johnelle: My first chocolate delight would be a sea salted caramel covered in dark chocolate for Big Bang’s Daesung. It’s something sweet and velvety smooth — just like his voice. Hopefully it could entice him to return to Korea for promotions and that long awaited solo album.

20130504_seoulbeats_hyoriThe second confection would be a macadamia nut toffee with a hint of Hawaiian chili spice covered in dark chocolate for Lee Hyori. The toffee is sweet, but has that little chili spice to it covered in the sinfully smooth dark chocolate which reminds me a lot of Hyori — sweet and sassy.

The last chocolate would be for the one and only Nation’s MC, Yoo Jae-suk. I really just enjoy all his shows for the thoughfulness, humor and fun they bring to Korean variety. What would his chocolate be other than the best grasshopper truffle you ever had with a center made of Oreo cookies and mint creme covered in dark chocolate.

Adri: My first chocolate would be for an idol who gives this poor man so many grins with her sexiness. I want to present a bagel-shaped chocolate complete with golden sprinkles on top to none other Sistar‘s Soyu. My only hope for her is that she can keep on working those curves and give me even more grins this year.

For the second chocolate, I’ll be more sensible. I will give a guitar-shaped white chocolate to the one singer whose debut album I am still (angrily) waiting for: Kwon Jin-ah. Please do release your music as soon as possible; I just can’t take it any longer. This chocolate is my bribe.

Lastly, a heart-shaped chocolate for my most favorite actress of today, Han Hyo-joo. She is just adorable, and her acting mesmerized me to the heart. My wish is that someday and somehow we could meet for a nice coffee and talk about her Brilliant Legacy.

Morgan: My first chocolate would be a chilli-chocolate cocktail for JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong, who is known for his love of spicy food and alcohol. It’ll be definitely a good-bye present, as he is leaving for the army some time soon.

seoulbeats_19012013_jackal_jaejoong_jihyo2The second person I would give a chocolate to is of course the kick-ass lady of Running Man, Song Ji-hyo. I would give her an energy boost with a chocolate covered strawberry, so she can put up with all the crazy antics that happen on Running Man.

My final chocolate would be for Brown Eyed GirlsGain because I fall for her a little more each time she comes out with a new release. While she is sexy and sophisticated, I would give her a flower shaped chocolate because I loved “Bloom” just that much.

Lo: Can I change one of mine? Because as lovely as Jieun is, 4minute’s Sohyun just did some serious line jumping on my bias list. I don’t want to be a pig, but her in the “Crazy” MV? Yeah, that really does it for me. She’d get a very dark (like 72% cocoa) chocolate filled with raspberry filling, and raspberry sauce on top. Of course, that has potential to get very messy.

Please excuse me; I’ll be in my bunk.

(Images via SBS, Daum, SM Entertainment, CeCi, TS Entertainment, L’Officiel Hommes, and Vogue Korea)