• Carly

    Omg please do the question: If you wanted to bring one member from 2PM home to meet your parents, who would it be?
    Thanks :)

    • TheSkillz3000

      Mr. MinJun(Jun.K)!

  • GSun

    What do you think about SM making their artists lipsync for the first week of promotions and for outdoor events? Do you think this is hurting the artist’s reputation or do you think it helps put on a better performance?

  • animasaurus

    A comparison of International and Korean popularity for kpop idols. I think it would be really interesting considering that I feel there is a huge discrepancy there.

  • Mini Squid

    What do you think will happen in the future of Kpop? For example, how long this craze will last, the future for the current roster of idol groups who debuted before 2011, the new Big 3 or Big 4 or whatever, cos we know JYP is sliding down that pedestal, and the upcoming stars to replace the present A-class idol groups (SNSD is not gonna promote as one all the time despite a possible reunion like SHINHWA). I apologize for the length.

    • eternalstars

      “…and the upcoming stars to replace the present A-class idol groups” – ooh I like that question. :D

  • Informantxgirl

    I also want you to do the question about which member you would take home, but from Infinite or MBLAQ?

    On a related note, did you catch MBLAQ’s appearance on SNL? Thoughts?

    On another related note, Infinite recently dropped their latest Japanese album – which seems to be a lot of “Song X – Japanese version”. What are your opinions on groups doing albums for different markets that are just linguistically-altered versions of their old catalogue? MBLAQ used to come out with original songs for release to Japan, but even they are jumping on the bandwagon of repacking their old stuff. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • WorthInClay

    Can we have Fanboy vs Fangirl face-off – ie “My Noona/Dongseng makes the Ideal Idol better than your Oppar because (of the following reasons….)”
    We have heard the ladies of SB gushing about their biases before (with some great LoLs ;b) Would like to hear the guys speak up more about their biases as well.
    Come on… We would like to hear some irrational “what my heart tells me…” sometimes… I don’t believe the guys are all purely supporting on talent alone? Bring the fun out at ChatBox!

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      “And who do you want to see paired with the other SB writers for SB-WGM”


  • Nate Broadus

    Huh, I’ll bite.

    Will After School’s comeback be overshadowed by Sistar’s comeback, or vice versa?

  • MrsTOP

    What is your favourite bigbang song and why?
    What’s your favourite bigbang video and why?
    Who is the most talented member of 2NE1?
    Why is Seungri over looked?
    Shinee’s misconception of me album vs EXO XOXO album?
    Best comeback of the year so far?

    Is kpop as good as American pop music?
    Do you think the power of the three top companies is stifling growth of music and new artists making it?
    GD Solo vs Teayang solo vs Seungri solo?

    I don’t expect every question to be answered. At least, there are options.

  • danahz

    Can you do a drama podcast?

  • mangochic

    I’m having technical issues with accessing this site from my windows phone since the change. It doesn’t format properly or re-size to fit on my screen. I wonder if it could be fixed.

  • shana

    What’s one group (or solo act) you used to love that’s fallen short of your expectations? Conversely, what’s one previously unimpressive group that’s caught your eye?

    My other question isn’t really about kpop. What I want to know is, how exactly does SB work? Who comes up with article/column ideas and how is it decided which writer writes which article? Is it all up to the individual?

  • http://blossom423.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    a bit late but my question is how Seouibeats Chat Box works and the easiest and hardest of the podcast

  • TheSkillz3000

    Sorry, but did anybody besides myself notice that there are only 4 members now? I noticed in the ”Black Tinkerbell” teaser….

    • thudson

      I thought I was the only one who picked that up !!

      • Gaya_SB

        They’ve been promoting as 4 members since “I Like It.” They said it was because one of the full-Korean members was ill, but apparently she’s since left the group.

        • TheSkillz3000

          Oh…..thanx :)

  • Gai

    Rookie Combacks? How has each group improved/shown their indv strengths as they came back this year. What’s y’alls overall consensus was on their combacks and their respective success. Also What you wish to see in the future from each group
    For ex. BAP, EXO, VIXX, Nu’est, Crayon pop and others.

  • thudson

    Please Please Please talk about YG’s perceptive of hiphop in their imaging and styling of their artist. Do you think its appropriate or have they finally crossed the line with CL’s Baddest Female?

  • foodislove

    Some questions I’d like to know! You don’t have to answer all of them so these are
    some suggestions that I’m just genuinely curious about! :)

    You guys seem go to a lot of k-pop concerts. So I want to know any tips on
    making the best of an experience during a k-pop concert? Like with bringing
    your own cameras and stuff — how often should I use my camera? How to use my
    camera and absorb in the artists’ performances at the same time? Should I bring
    my camera at all? Or should I take a bunch of photos and fancams?

    Do you prefer artist specific concerts (2NE1, B.A.P.) or the multiple artist
    concert (K-CON in LA, SMTown in NY…)?

    – Some Winter/Summer Lovin’ Jams Recs for this Winter/Summer?
    (It’s Winter here!)

    – Any k-pop songs you know ALL the lyrics to? Any k-pop
    dance you know all the moves to? Share!

    – If you could see any musical from South Korea what would
    it be?

    Some funny questions:

    If Seoulbeats were to be the main stars of Hello
    Baby, which k-pop idol(s) would you want as the baby of the show?

    If Big Bang/DBSK/EXO had to cover an f(x)/SNSD/miss
    A hit song, which songs would you want them to do? And vice versa. (OMG imagine
    SNSD doing Fantastic Baby or Rising Sun? Or Exo/DBSK performing to Genie in hot
    pants? That would be the best thing everrr.)

    What song would you perform with JYP at a

    Thank you! (I realised some of
    these can be suggestions for Roundtables..)

  • Omelia

    Who would you consider to be your bias to end all biases and why~
    I always love to hear level headed fans answering this, it’s just so sweet and endearing. (Nabeela and Jun.K looking at you)

    Also, what takes a Kpop image too far for you, i.e to the point where you either can’t take it seriously anymore, get kind of annoyed at the choreographers etc? I personally just sigh when guys groups go shirtless or rip their shirts open, and 2pm are my babies mind you, it always feels so pointlessly excessive.

    Do you like any of the rookie groups? I usually pay no heed to them because they tend to fall unbelievably flat but this year I actually like a few of them, and I am built upon ambivalence, so that’s saying something.

    If any of you answer the first question (if you see these questions at all haha) with Junho or Sunggyu, we will be best friends forever, whether you want to be or not. My love knows no bounds~
    Also, sorry if I repeated any of the questions other users asked, I am too sleep deprived at this point for any semblance of coherency.