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    The instrumental for One More Day is pretty good…..and that’s all I have to say about the group

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    I wish that they released One More Day as a debut song. Syndrome kind of just gave a bad impression and people didn’t really want to give them attention after listening to that bad song.

  • Diah

    I think Chocolat is a prime example of what happens when a girl group’s main marketing point is not talent, music, or entertainment value.

    Rookie group Ladies Code and (arguably) Sistar market for talent. They try to highlight what each member does well, and even if that member can’t, they pretend they can.

    T-ara are a group that market for music. While they are a tad lacking in the talent department, they have risen to popularity with catchy, ear wormy songs that you will feel the need to replay half a million times before you’re satisfied. Same applies with the Wonder Girls.

    Entertainment value is a different one. It relies on somewhat variety show skills and abilities such as aegyo and sexiness. A decent example is SNSD, although they could be marketed arguably using all the strategies I just named.

    The issue with Chocolat is mainly that the quote unquote multiculturalism of the group is the main selling point. Not a thought was given about music, only on reminding the public that, yes, many members of this group are from outside of Korea.

    I worry about groups who are marketed like this. It feels gimmicky and almost repels people rather than attracts.

  • pumpkin_spice

    The only reason I know about Chocolat is because of the song One More Day. I’m a sucker for late-90s pop and the song caught a hold of me. Plus I’m still listening to it a year later. I agree that the dance was a little too sexy for the 14 year old members (and by a little I mean a lot). I hope that this year chocolat will show us their true potential! (and stop focusing so much on Tia or whatever her name is you know what I mean when you watch the vid)

    • find_nothing_here

      If they feel the need to make Tia the face they need to teach her to actually make facial expressions.

    • Sophia

      Excuse – did you say 14??? Yikes

  • Mini Squid

    I like sexy concepts, but One More Day was just too blatant and overtly sexual, considering some of the members are my age.

  • Chocolate_madness

    I listened to Syndrome and watched the video also and all I can say is that Chocolat is a group with nothing better to offer in the industry. The girl group market is saturated enough and pretty faces won’t be a standing factor for them to survive. I hand it to bad promotion as well how their company forces the biracial status into the Korean audience knowing full well that the country is not so lenient to ethnic differences. Syndrome was a common ‘in the box’ music video, nothing special and the song was not worthy to repeats. They introduced the sexy concept in a subtle yet suggestive manner which might concern the younger members of the group in maybe a heated bash or a pity party. And Tia that poor girl whose face is pushed to the camera every five seconds, should be given a little rest on the favoritism. We all know she’s the face.

  • Jeff Sim

    “I Like It” is a great track. While I’m ambivalent about their music on the whole, that’s the one song that’s stuck with me and that I still occasionally play.