• cadella

    Free high quality music, what else can I ask? I was happy to hear that he left JYPEnt because that ship is slowly sinking, so I’m glad to hear news songs from him. I liked the beat and flow, but its only after reading the translation of the lyrics that I really appreciated his underrated talent. (And I did laugh when I heard the GD diss, because really he doesnt seem to rap that much these days).



  • sophomore

    Wow talk about a toothless lion becoming a wild beast! @JYP he would have wasted away.
    Congratulation on the move! The song & the lyrics are great.

    Btw SB is dropping a lot of thought provoking articles lately, I truly appreciate it!

  • Kari :P

    When I first heard the song it was catchy

    When I read the Lyrics I had my doubts mainly because I don’t find Interest in songs that dedicate into dissing or calling out other artists.

    But you review is so eloquent that it really made me not hate the song and enjoy the work he is doing after a long time of being locked up at teacher San ^_^

    So thank you for saving be AMBIKA :)