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    dude follows black people’s trend and people are having fits over it. but how bout those other idols who’ve been trying to be ‘white’ (bleached blonde hair and all) all this while, why isn’t anyone making noise bout that huh?
    just chill. don’t see anything wrong with an asian guy sporting a hip hop style. sometimes i just don’t understand kpop fangirls. just let the damn celebrities do whatever the hell they want. why do you guys wanna control their lives?

  • http://twitter.com/sebsobandsky Sabah

    Without belittling crimes of cultural appropriation, I think it is impossible to judge individual cases. Though we may be able to estimate the depth of understanding of a
    person’s interest in hip-hop, we can not comprehend their affinity towards it, nor their love for it.

    The world is becoming smaller and as more borders are opened for people, cultural boundaries that once defined us become lost too. I find this kind of criticism a type of elitism that fails to understand the modern age of information and its influence which for the most part is very positive. For me an inspirational example is Beena Keum.

  • capri08

    First I would like to say the hip hop culture and Black culture are too different things. Not every black person out there in the world dresses and/or style there hair in the hip hop culture fashion. So please everyone get off the stereotype.
    Secondly no one should be say they know what a music artist or idol is thinking. Because technically, you don’t know what is going on in their head. Or why they would choose to wear/style themselves one way or the other.
    Third, I THINK, the reason why some people would feel this way is because he may come off, not being himself. And for others because he an idol you like or you find him be him you don’t see a problem with it.
    But for me, as a person who part of the hip hop community, sometimes I feel not just Taeyang but other idols as well; try to hard. For example sometimes you may see someone like that on the street and it might not even be the hip hop style, it maybe another culture. And they come off a little phony and not true to themselves. It’s a turn off be it a man or a women.

  • LadyQT

    Some people need to get the F*ck over it, OK?! Why is it that most black people do NOT care?! And why the hell do you care so much?!! Acting like the boy has never stepped foot in America. Shoot, the last time I checked he was chilling with Danja up in LA lol. Now you think Danja’s gonna be chilling with some fake ‘face palming’ wannabe, what ever for? In addition, the big bang band are all black men (and fine! FYI). If tae was out of line, he’d know about it by now. Open your eyes people! It’s only you naïve souls, who know nothing about him that have so much to say.

    As for the author of this stupid ‘letter’ that’s going no where: It’s about time you did more meaningful things with your life, like paying more attention to the atrocities taking place around the world. Acting like Youngbeezzy wearing a bandana is some kind of a transgression. What’s wrong with you?! Like how stupid can u get?! lol. Please go and educate yourself and re-evaluate your life if that’s your definition of transgression. Please!

    • Whitney’s Receipts

      They want “oppa” to accept them for who they are but they can’t accept
      him for who he is if it doesn’t fit into what they perceive as “normal.”

      • bluevip

        OMO I LOVE YOU

  • Daisy H

    ok i do not get involved with these things but this has made me so angry i feel compelled to. No matter whether is famous or a lonely hermit you should never attack someone for their appearence. Enough is enoug, you may not like his style but thats a personal opinion and should not be sent to put a person down or make them feel self conscious. no race has exclusive right to a certain style. We are all just human beings and are entitled to express ourselves as we choose.i don’t usually follow bands but this is the main reason I like BB as they dont appear to be afraid to be who they want to be. Im sorry if i have offended anyone but i couldnt just sit back on this one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Juliana.Bockova Julka Bocková

    WHAT THE FUCK I hope this is just bad sick joke and you´re just very awkward comedian !!!! How dare you ?? Write something like this to adult man ? Who are you ?? Do you even know him personal ? Or are you his friend ? I´m telling you – STOP THIS SHIT , it´s really not fair and sad and makes me pissed as hell. How would you feel, if someone COMPLETELY STRANGE send you a letter like this ? Shame on you and all “VIPs” for saying this and worse – writing shit like this straight to him. Ahhh I´m so mad right now, it´s so RUDE form all of you, so-called FANS . GO, fuck yourselves. AND DON´T EVEN THINK ABOUT SENDING THIS TO TAEYANG.

  • Guest

    WHAT THE FUCK I hope this is just bad sick joke and you´re just very awkward comedian !!!! How dare you ?? Write something like this to adult man ? Who are you ?? Do you even know him personal ? Or are you his friend ? I´m telling you – STOP THIS SHIT , it´s really not fair and sad and makes me pissed as hell. How would you feel, if someone COMPLETELY STRANGE send you a letter like this ? Shame on you and all “VIPs” for saying this and worse – writing shit like this straight to him. Ahhh I´m so mad right now, it´s so RUDE form all of you, so-called FANS . GO, fuck yourselves. AND DON´T EVEN THINK ABOUT SENDING THIS TO TAEYANG.

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    Hmmm, ya know… after so many reported cases of depression and suicide, I don’t really see the humor in these ‘petitions’ encouraging a person to change some aspect of, or render harm to, themselves. Isn’t it kind of just a form of bullying? Granted everyone is entitled to have an opinion, but is it necessary to try and encourage others to gang up on somebody? Is it really all that amusing? side note: I don’t think that was really a perm, your hair just kind of looks like that when you take tight braids out >_<

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grace-Hong/15213088 Grace Hong

      sorry, not really a reaction to the letter, but a thought that popped in when I saw the petitions below :0P

  • moxie91

    *inhales deeply* *exhales slowly*


    I’m starting to get real tired of the writers who label themselves as “fans” reaching out to point out how racist and stereotypical these images are. Coming from someone who actually knows the history of Big Bang’s members and style, and someone who’s dealt with the same accusations you’re putting on—let me be the first to say that this isn’t him trying to be something or someone he’s not. Just because someone may appear to be imitating another culture doesn’t make it so.

    There’s a ghetto and hood lifestyle in EVERY CULTURE and EVERY RACE.

    Talk about being narrow minded…

    I’ve spent most of my life being told I act too white to be black, or that I couldn’t possibly be half Japanese because I’m too dark. Countless times I get told I’m “acting Black:” or “acting White” or “pretending to be Asian”, but the thing is, I’m not. I’m just being myself, whether people see it that way or not.

    Most of the black people I know would look at me once and just assume I’m only Asian and that I couldn’t possibly know anything about living in the hood, or having a thuggish mentality—but that’s where they’d be wrong. I spent most of my life with the black side of my family—and experienced a lot of things considered cultural “norms” in the community.

    Anyway…I’m not here to talk about me, I’d just like to point out that anyone should be able to dress however they want. It’s not as if he’s blatantly walking around in blackface—he’s just expressing a side of himself that in my opinion, has always been there since before Big Bang.

    He was rocking the dookie braids probably pre-debut as well.

    OH and another thing—those hairstyles aren’t gender specific and I have no idea who taught you that but it’s false. If anything Jiyong’s golden braids were more effeminate.


    And the whole sitch with the “dark skinned icon”—that’s pretty much Bae’s skin color in the summer, or maybe you haven’t noticed but Koreans actually do get pretty dark, as do Japanese people.

    Matter of fact, up until I was 9 I was telling everyone that my very Japanese Grandpa was African American because he was so dark compared to me—and I’m actually half!

    Le sigh. I doubt there is any point in writing this though since it seems you hardly take the time to read these anyway.

    Oh, and by “you” I’m referring to the writer of this article and/or anyone who has similar thinking.

    To be frank, the person writing this article is appearing to be more racist with this constant need to point out how wrong it is to portray a culture that supposedly belongs to another.

    How about you get off your high horse and take a look at the bigger picture, kthanks.

    • Stephanienluv Toch

      I totally agree with you ..who cares what he want to do with his hair . People just need to calm down and stop being so negative sometime. I don’t see anything wrong with what he do. He haven’t hurt anyone . If you don’t like what he do or what he wear then don’t pay attention to it . You can changed the music or don’t watch kpop . Its not that hard go do something else with your life . And stop worring about what he do like come on stop being such a hater and besides most of thr stuff you see online is not all true people Photoshop pictures and reblogged from someone page . The world would be a better place if we all just get along and stop being so mad over useless things like this. Stop being so close minded about things and try to understand what they are all about before you judge them . I like all kind of music no matter what race or culture it is i just love music and music brings people together .thanks to al the artists that are out there making them music for our ears . Without them doing what they do we would have no music ..music become 1 <3

  • my self

    I wonder if this article was trying to point out that Taeyang behavior and image is a stereotypical image of black culture. This can go beyond being a fan to creating a fetish that is quite scarey and abrasive.
    We are all kpop fans, and maybe some us have whiteness fandoms gone out of control. The first thing that comes to mind is Korean fans worshiping their idols and stalking them but it isn’t like international non-Asian fans haven’t done worse.
    Reading fan blogs of young white and black girls only desperately wanting to date and marry an Asian guy because they like K-pop or J-pop. Assume that they will find someone like their Asian male bias or think every Asian behaves like an idol.Even try to adopt Korean and Japanese mannerism and become someone they are not. Its no different when a Korean person who likes hip hop and tries to dress and act the mannerism. Some will go as far with exclusion to only dating black people and darking their own skin. It is a form of extremism that has hidden racial social issues dwelling deep in that person sub-conscious. That is being express by that outward appearance in a desperate attempt to feel apart of something.
    But you have to be careful when passing judgement and understand that person’s personality and their sincerity. Taeyang used to dress this way back in his early training days and when Big Bang first debut. He change because the Korean fans were not responding to his look as warmly. So he became a little more simple and people like that because they can absorb him easier. I think G-Dragon gets away with how he looks because he is so flamboyant. GD isn’t trying to act black, white or even the stereotypical Korean male idol. He is trying to portray himself on something that can’t be social categorized.
    I feel Taeyang wants to be the same and he is trying to do it again. Big Bang has paid their dues, became globally recognized and shape K-pop to fit them and not the other way around. I wouldn’t be surprise if Taeyang is force to change his look again but if he doesn’t than he is become the man, I guess, he wants to be. Someone who has control over his life and isn’t being told who to be, what dress and how to act, in order to be accepted. This ties into Korea’s very structure mundane society that can kill the most creative of minds.
    On the flip side, I think Taeyang should explore this image he is portraying at a deeper level. More to black culture than our music, fashion and street language. Its such a diverse and unique culture, this is just the tip of the ice berg. I would like to see someone in Korea dive into African and African American culture with a better wisdom and presentation than the obvious hip hop.I think that is why people are turn off. I’ve seen Japanese musician create indulge in the origins of African culture music and dance. Its quite cool to see someone not just present their culture but can also represent another with the same level respect that goes beyond the superficial.

  • Tabi

    This article disgusts me. I suppose I should leave it at that.
    In fact, all the things I have read by you on this site seems to be inflammatory and miles away from the usual standard of SB.
    This is a disgrace.

  • wahooyahoo

    Wow, the VIPs on here are starting to act as crazy as the SM fans…the point the author was trying to make in the article goes beyond the way Taeyang dresses and the styles he wears his hair in. Those are just superficial and although the author did discuss them as part of their argument, its not the main point of the entire article. I think you guys are missing that point entirely…

    • Tbaby

      Whatever. She made her point very clear. We just don’t agree with it, and think it’s stupid for her to care so much when he doesn’t care, or anyone around him for that matter, or his fans. So get over it. Let him BE.

  • Tbaby

    Just shut up with your dumbass rant. Like Taeyang gives a sh*t. Nobody cares OK!! BYE.

    • kooky_cookie

      Let them diss and have their fun. This article is so out of place and out of line I can’t even imagine what the writer was thinking. We all know who Bae is and what he can do. How hard he’s been working and how he will blow our minds with the new msic he’s been working on. Don’t sweat it and don’t worry over all this. People will always hate there’s not escaping from that. Youngbae is amazing and we love him because we know him ^^ because he is talented and generous, kind-hearted and just an amazing incredible person.

    • Whitney’s Receipts

      lol I love you.

  • choomin87

    What a nasty piece of work. Who are you to bother him, his mama? This is so irrelevant and messed up.You just waisted your time and energy. Taeyang is still the shit, don’t even get it twisted. His hair preference isn’t going to change that. Period.

  • Steffani Stirks

    totally understand this article. Some non-black people will never understand
    black people/black culture. I’m not saying that black kpop fans should be mad at
    Taeyang but some of the commentators don’t get the point the author was trying
    to make. In nutshell she was trying to say that Hip-Hop and RnB are not defined
    by dressing in baggy clothes and wearing braids in your hair. The author isn’t
    calling Taeyang racist nor did she say that only black people should be making
    Hip-Hop and RnB music. Black people don’t have a problem with Eminem as rapper
    because he’s real, he his own style and he isn’t trying to be “stereotypically
    black”. I mean when I saw GD and Tae on one of those end of the year
    shows, my first thought was it’s almost 2013, why are they dressed like Tupac
    and Snoop! Putting cultural appropriation aside, that’s just lame! Eminem
    doesn’t feel the need to dress like that, he just writes his true feelings and
    raps. So, my question is why can’t some of these k-pop stars do that as well?
    Tae also seems worse than he was pre-debut. He’s really nice and open to the
    fans but his attitude on stage is so annoying. He seems cocky these days, I’m
    not saying that he is but that ‘s how he comes across on stage. And for those
    of you who say Koreaboos are the same way and they should also be called out.
    Um news flash, Koreaboos do get called by their names. To honest though, this whole subject really does need to end because people will never agree. I’m black I’m not offended but some black fans are. And it’s not that I’m biased it’s just that I don’t care. Kpop is just music so I try not let people that’ll never meet rattle my cage too much

  • lovelytunes

    Just because black culture is known for those types of clothing/hairstyles, I don’t think it should be limited to JUST black people. It’s a look, not like it’s illegal for him to wear things like that. We’ve seen kimonos turned into dresses for different occasions that were definitely not Japanese, and definitely not worn by Japanese people. The chopsticks in the hair, or the “asian bun”, isn’t always worn by asians. So if someone does that hairstyle, they’re automatically deemed “asian wannabe’s” or something?

  • vipNY

    I start to hate this site SOULBEAT now! this site is full of SHIT!
    I wish this site burns in hell! GO TO DIE! Motherfu*ker!

  • anisan;

    To be honest, so many of you are commenting with your opinions but half of you have no idea of the depth of this matter. You’re just trying to protect oppa. But whenever y’all get a clue as to what is to be BLACK and all the shit that comes along with it, you can respond. I really want some of you to at least open your eyes to the matters at hand. At this point, let me also say that what Taeyang does is none of my business. But education needs to be given here.

  • Jess

    Okay… Are you fucking serious?
    You’re getting all up at Youngbae for his hairstyles and his “black” concepts
    But man, you wont get up the white people saying that they are black.
    Bitch, Youngbae can do whatever the fuck he wants. He has more friends than you and a bigger following
    So sit down, shut up, and quit your bitching.

  • VIP

    Guys! If you ever see anyone other than a black person with braids, write an article about them, okay?! Oh and another thing, if anyone dougies (and isn’t black), write an article dedicated entirely to them. And if ANYONE dare write swag in their instagram caption (and isn’t black), once again, write an article just for them. [This writer is so stuck-up and ignorant. I don’t think the writer understands that she’s generalizing herself, meanwhile she’s bashing someone else about it.]

  • http://twitter.com/palo011 Paloma Cavazos

    I would like to let you know that clothes was not made for only one race or group of people. There is no label on clothes that says “for black people only” or “for Asians only.” If he likes a certain style let him be and either way his style matches his clothes and hairstyles because Taeyang is basically a part of the Hip-hop culture.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

    Amen to this entire article. I just re-read it and I bow at how real it is. We all love Taeyang. He is one fine specimen of man and I’d jump through fire to get to him. But if you can’t admit that he has an issue with appropriating black-ness, then you need to take a look at the mirror and then take two seats because you’re not being honest with yourself. Or you are blind as hell. Cynthia, thanks for writing this because I’m tired of people pretending that Taeyang doesn’t have this borderline fetish for black culture (but would cry tears of blood if he actually had to be black)

    • Gaya_SB


  • Resky Djakfar

    YB……I Love You just the way you are…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/AnaiCheri AnaiCheri Cymone Choi

    Are you serious? This…this is a troll post right?

  • Guest

    Me being a “darker skinned and kinky hair” as you call it female myself I find nothing wrong in what he is doing. He is expressing himself which is what hip hop and the rap genre is all about! Expression of self! Let him do what he wants. American hip hop artist love him and his music. And if you did your research you would know his avatar was drawn by Mina Kwon. She made it for him ad a gift he did not request her to make him a black taydaddy avatar. Besides if you have so much to say about him then why not drag Gd into it? He’s all about swag, yolo, gangsta and all that and his music as well. So why is he exempt? I think your just being one sided and tunnel vision. Just admit you dont like YB and sit down somewhere and chill out. His music is brilliant, he is one of the nicest and humble idols in the industry and I pray to god he doesnt take your advice!

  • T.R.

    Your brain must only have about 2 cells working, right? No really….how did you even manage to form sentences? You’re dumb as rocks and this article is dumb as rocks. Black people always have to be so extra. Write an open letter to like the damn president about a more pressing issue like jobs or health care instead of a Kpop artist who sports braids and wears hip hop clothing. clown.

  • Moka1990

    This right here is nothing but putting you nose in more successful person than you really lots of people need a reallity check and black is not a style it’s urban I’m Mexican and black but I act more different then how people think African Americans act everyone has there own style and his is urban

  • http://twitter.com/ghost4twenty fucking radical

    wooww u guys missed the point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ayan.mahdi Ayan Mahdi

    Agreed…I won’t even address the fact that a lot of the people who dissagree on here aren’t even making an effort to see the serious amounts of cultural appropriation, as fangirls rarely ommit to their lack of neutral judgement and sense of critique. Hip hop culture is already often misconstruded and bellittled in the westerned music industry but to have YG partake in that isn’t a “celebration” of urban hip hop culture amidst east asian culture, it only adds to the mockery and oversimplification of it. Their usage of stereotyped imagery only popularizes the negative stigmas and perpetuates them and if you don’t understand why that can be harmful I suggest you take a couple sociology classes to enlighten yourselves.

  • Akosua Boffour


  • ronnibear

    I love that Taeyang’s avatars are brown, because in Korea pale is akin to beauty. I can even say I find this particular case of “cultural approproation” endearing. Because other than that one time he wore that hideous sweater in Singapore, I think his swag be on a million. He’ll be the first to tell you his idols are Michael Jackson and Usher, to name a few. He’s not faking it- Hip hop and black culture is obviously the well of inspiration where he draws his charisma from. I see nothing wrong with that. Now if he start sayin “nigga” in his songs, then we might hve a problem LOL. But clearly he does it because he thinks its cool, and it FUCKING IS. I love you Youngbae!