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    I just look at what SNSD or any kpop act are doing as being street fashion because if I start putting kpop and hip-hop in the same sentence then I might as well be dead. Yes Korea has some awsum rappers but kpop does not. When a rapper raps, nobody genuinly listening should think they are ripping off another artist,once that happens then its game over

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    To Mark, you did a great job on the article again shedding the light on the misuse of AA culture and it’s appropriations by music industries (Kpop). To the Seoulbeats frequent readers; either some of you are in denial, scratch that, the majority of you ARE in DENIAL and have FORGOTTEN that this is exclusively a site on/about Kpop. A site that the writers take a majority of their precious time to read, watch, listen, analyze, and cover all of it in it’s entirety. The Kpop machine has, as many writers covered before, many ugly sides, just as well as some good ones. This article is not only written on a basis of “opinion” as many of you have barked about, but on the basis of truth. Here is another ugly truth for you to face…out of the many ethnic backgrounds and minorities( on a WORLDWIDE scale, not just between the boundaries of one country) it is denied the fact that the ONE race which it’s culture has been robbed, misused, whitewashed, and deconstructed for the benefit of others is that of the black race. Above. All. Others. Period. Another thing, if you are not a POM/Non-POC/POC I kindly must tell you from refraining to speak on behalf on such group of folk. One can stand for such group and their cause, but to actually speak on it as if one has experienced it? Please take exit immediately. To say music is universal, yes, knows no barriers, yes, dues/respect been made to an according manner…anyone? Yea, I’ll wait for your answer. To see how many of you *shat on Mark for his well written article makes me believe either, the majority of you are quite ignorant and ill-informed on a subject you don’t know (Which is true). Or, that many of you are hidden SNDS fans in denial. Which makes me ask, WHY are you angry at the criticism laid on this concept image, when these women pretty much have no control on how a company/CEO molds, fabricates, and sells them to throw into the arms of a “loving” public. Some of the comments start off well and end in…whhaaat!? You’ve blurred the line between the criticism Mark made on their comeback and them as individual/group members.

    Listen to an old song by Macklemore “White Privilege”

    For more reference read this article by a Korean citizen and his uncovering of the cultural appropriation of hip-hop within one of the beloved Big 3 companies and the face of the company. http://deliciouskaek.tumblr.com/post/35049751157/lets-talk-about-yg-entertainment

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      That’s a lot of words to say “the author is right, the critical comments are all ignorant”. No arguments made whatsoever, combined with an attempt to silence the critics.

      Swinging terms around like “cultural appropriation” and “white privilege” around is useless if there’s no actual weight behind those terms. The combination of aegyo and hip-hop has nothing to do with cultural appropriation, privileges, whitewashing or suppression of black people. It is the most absurdly written thesis on this entire website.

      Keep hiding behind the facade of moral indignancy. All in all, this is just a pompous farce designed to critique IGAB as if the song was “the most criminal form of cultural appropriation”. Which is hilarious to any reader not blinded by sheer adoration of the Seoulbeats editorial staff.

      Trash journalism deserves to be called out. And I won’t be silenced because the author has the nerve to disguise his poor thesis in the vocabulary of social justice discourse.

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    I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how much I can’t stand some of the writers on this site. I get it, you don’t like the symbolism being displayed inappropriately by misguided musicians—but see, that’s the thing—they don’t know any better. It’s like getting mad at a child for cussing the first time, it’s not as if it’s something that can really be punished when they don’t understand the pretense. People learn and grow through time and exposure, and it doesn’t help that the language barrier changes a lot of cultural references and makes them out to be things they aren’t because of misinformation and ignorance. Le sigh.

    I’ve read more than my fair share of articles from this site and I have to say that the POVs are horridly myopic and obscenely one sided. Given the chance to write on this topic I would have gladly pointed out more than just the cons on the subject.

    Aside from the misunderstandings and overstatements—the writer seems to have this image of hip hop as being this disturbing past of the African American culture where everyone was poor and wore du-rags and bandanas for a reason. Hip hop doesn’t equal gangster. Not all “hip hop” artists are hardcore thugs like the Wu or NWA, Biggie, Pac, etc—actually to the contrary, most hip hop isn’t even brought to the media nearly as much as the aforementioned.

    The truest hip hop comes from the underground, the heart of all hip hop. It’s not about the slangin’, or the oppression from way back when, or even “F**k the Police”—it’s the art, and the expression.

    Most hip hop is usually about making a message through your lyrics, consciously, like, The Fugees, or Common, or Blackstar. And then you have the part of hip hop that’s about creative expression and dancing and just being silly so you have groups like: Living Legends & the pharcyde…etc.

    Anyway, I’m rambling. My point is, before you write an article about something, you should definitely learn more about your focal argument point. Especially something as touchy as hip hop.

    I’m a West Coast capitol native, from Sacramento, CA, born and raised in the underground scene so I know a little bit about how things work musically. Also a musician myself so I make it a habit to learn as much as I can about all areas of music.

    I’m also a huge fan of the Korean music scene so I spend a lot of my time doing mind numbing research on their market as well as reception and imagery.

    I’m not sure where else I was trying to go with this but……

    /end rant. toodles.

    • asdflkj

      so Asians are like silly children. That’s not racist in the SLIGHTEST.

    • TheJadeBullet

      Happened upon this article again due to SB’s newly created clusterduck of nonsense over usage of a bindi in 2NE1’s latest release. They really write some incredibly self-righteous articles here on the topic of their perceived “misappropriation” of cultural elements.
      I can agree with almost everything that you’ve said here but I’d like to add that, in my opinion, while it’s nice to hold on to some facets of a culture and have something to call your own, people attach an incredible amount of significance to one particular thing and immediately take the highest degree of offence if anyone outside of their circles attempts to emulate “their culture”. I just don’t understand it.

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    Is it just me or does it seem like Kpop groups are relying more on their name than the actual quality of music their putting out . Kpop seemed to be at the height of its glory from 2009-2010. However now it seems like Kpop is just spitting out boring and repetitive horrid songs. IGAB was completely ridiculous and was almost as bad as “The Boys”.

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    It’s okay, this is probably just your opinion. I don’t like IGaB as well. >.>

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    Because of SeoulBeats, I’ve started my own K-Pop blog at


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    I know I’m late with this response, but I feel that this article has gotten a lot of flack for no reason. I feel where you’re coming from poster and I just want to let you know that I agree with a lot of what you said.

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    This article is good. The comment section got crazy because crazy delulu sones descended to defend their princesses~.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks for the laugh, Seoulbeats author, you truly made my day!