• SkyDragon

    I think this is a fair review and I would give it that exact score as well. Like stated, this new sound of Epik High’s is very different from their usual stuff but that doesn’t necessarily mean I hate it or it sounds bad. Sure, they could have done better but personally, I am content with the album and the MV’s and the new overall Epik High look. 

  • Khaerani Adenan

    What I like most about a singer-song-writer is that you can relate the song to their own personal life. Especially..publicly personal life. The best epik high album that I’ve ever heard before this is Epilogue. By that time I didn’t even know them, but I was attracted by the depressing sound of the whole album. Sad, depressing, critical, and yet full of hope. The depressing sound was very beautiful..
    I’m a bit scared that YG will change their sound, but then again I ‘ve read somewhere that Tablo said that he never felt that making music is so much fun before he is in YG. 
    So I guess, he’s having his life right now in YG, along his best friends, and I can relate that so much in  ‘UP’. And I have no complain about that. The beautiful depressing sound is gone because their having fun right now. And the song is good. 

  • mumfords

    i personally do not really have any strong dislike for this change in their music style, just that it doesn’t really connect with the Epik High that i’ve come to love. the lyrics to their songs are still wonderfully written but seem to lack that Epik High flavor that i enjoy.

    i would never even have known that “up” or “don’t hate me” were sung by epik high, had i not previously looked it up. they would have been just another song playing on the radio for me. i mean they HAVE had some relatively upbeat songs but nonetheless, those songs have still had that unmistakeable Epik High sound, with the wonderful beats and beautifully penned lyrics and all. “up” and “dont hate me” just… i dont know… its Epik High but not really EPIK HIGH. the one that sang songs that made me think about life (imo songs like Excuses and Aphasia gave me many epiphany moments). and their commercialization also puts me off. for me, epik high has always been one of my favorite non mainstream korean artists and i’ve oddly always treasured them because of this non-commercialized aspect. I’ve always felt that they successfully avoided being tainted by the kpop worlds but now im starting to fear the arrival of such an event. but i trust mithra, tablo, and tukutz as artists to be able to avoid such an occurance and keep their much-loved music as it is.

    im happy that they’ve signed with a company as major as YG. i definitely think it will allow them to do bigger and better things for themselves and their music. but I’ve always worried about how YG would affect epik music wise and though he has mostly allowed epik high to have musical freedom for their material, one can’t deny that YG did affect them somehow. that you cant deny. not that i’m trying to bag on YG, its just that i’d rather he stay far far away from Epik High. a personal preference of mine, perhaps. but if epik high is doing well under YG and enjoying their stay there and feels that YG is their best option, then as a fan, i will support them as best i can.

    i applaud epik high for being able to deviate away from their past music. as artists they will change in style as they wish. i am not trying to say anything bad about this change that they have gone through but as a long time fan, I definitely hope to see more of the EPIK HIGH sound back. i see wisps of it in their new album because they definitely have not completely abandoned their old sound. all in all, “99” is still on my top 5 music releases in korea alongside the likes of Urban Z and Primary. i pretty much love all the tracks especially “아까워”, “악당”, and “춥다” with the latter as being the song that most sounds like it would belong in one of their previous albums.

    • http://www.facebook.com/makiloverainbow Maki Iglesias

      Damn, I really agree with all your song choices in Epik High’s album. Being a long-time fan, I easily got attracted to “아까워”, “악당”, and “춥다” 

      • mumfords

        when i was listening to the album, “춥다” was so unmistakeably epik high for me. the whole thing kind of reminds me of their old songs (i.e.coffee) with the girl’s soft voice and mithra and tablo’s rapping. for me, at least, its the collab songs that i love from epik high and this album’s collabs with dynamic duo and hayi fit the old epik high sound. and “아당” with the well-delivered lines and tukutz’s beats in the song feel like they could have been on [e] or maybe Epilogue. the other songs have wisps of epik in it but not as prevalent as the three above. :D

  • fuuko4869

    I must admit that I preferred some of their old music better. It wasn’t as catchy as this new album, but on the plus side, you don’t get sick of it as fast. That said, there was a lot of variation even within their old music, and after 3 years of various upheavals, I already expected them to come back with something different – regardless of what label they signed to. I don’t particularly care about the aesthetic side of it, since I only listen to the music – but if it will help gain them more fans, then I guess it’s a good thing? I think Epik High is too good to stay underground for long. Their popularity is inevitable.

    For now, I’m going by Tablo’s word, that [99] is just an ‘album concept’. Perhaps they just wanted to express how they’ve overcome the past troubles, through this comeback album. ‘Yes, we had some really depressing times, but look! We’re okay now :D’ <- is that what they're trying to say? And as Mithra said, they'd rather come back smiling than crying. I'm guessing they intentionally made it colourful and up-beat in order to give off that image – while maintaining that they are still capable of creating the 'old sound', through [It's Cold].

    So I'm guessing their next album will be back to the heavier 'album concept', with more social and political commentaries, more poetic lyrics and artistic analogies. If it is, it might just comfort the old fans who currently feel as if they're being left behind. Fingers crossed.
    Regardless of how I feel about the songs off the new album, I still feel ecstatic that they've come back at all – I was very doubtful at first. And so I've decided I'll appreciate what they've given us, since they worked very hard on it. 

    Can't wait for the next album though!! ^^;

  • jakeasd

    as tablo himself said on twitter ” this is a concept album, dont take it too seriously”

    why not just have fun and be humble that they were able to comeback, this is the attitude expressed 
    by their kfans.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MMRQEZEPSNJ26LJ7XJNDDM5NCI JasmineA

      *Hint* “concept album” makes it already sound like they are changing into an idol group. And who know’s maybe that’s what they want now. People change.

      • jakeasd

        smh, there is a reason he said  ” not to worry ”  to their old fans . hint hint

  • http://twitter.com/_whatevers asdf

    I’m sick of people saying, “I’m scared YG will change their sound, “YG brainwashed them!!111”

    Like, you do know Epik High writes their songs? do you really think they’d put out something they don’t like or wasn’t “them”? You want them to go back to Woolim and be miserable? I’m happy they are with YG. They have more resources to do what they want and promote better, and I still like their music. 

    • http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

      They wrote their own songs, yes, but they also worked with some YG producers and those must have had even just a little bit of influence on them, don’t you think?

    • sarajgh

      lol you do realize YG pushed for them having Up as a title track too? It’s ridiculous to assume that he had no influence here.

      • jakeasd

        every company has influence in that expect.even at woolim or any company. the head will always have an input into those kind of things. what will be the lead singl, what would be the followup and is just part of what a company does give advice to their artist on which song they should lead with, if yg does not suggest anything, he aint doing his job right.

      • Cindy Duong

        You do realize that because Epik High wanted Don’t hate me as their title track and YG wanted Up and they were both firm on their opinion, YG decided to make them both title tracks to satisfy both sides.

    • steve chang

      Yes. Now they have the right to remake 2NE1’s Ugly and pretend it’s Don’t Hate Me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    If I’m honest, I didn’t like Don’t Hate Me — but the video was wicked. I would have a hard time trashing a video that has a little kid version of Alex from A Clockwork Orange in it. I would give it a 3/5, personally (for the video, mostly). 

    I don’t necessarily think Epik High has been ruined, or that somehow them joining YG is going to be their downfall. I just know that, eventually, something will give. It always does. By that, I mean that a day will come when marketing and artistic freedom clash. Really, this song just proves that we’re only seeing the beginning of the transition. Like another poster said, I had that same feeling of, “I would not even guess this was Epik High if I hadn’t already known it was them going in.” That is likely to only get stronger as time goes on. 

    After all, I doubt somehow that YG is going to be kosher with Epik High making a socially hard-hitting video featuring a hostage situation/standoff like in Fly. 

    If the cost of the move to YG is Epik High dropping the intelligent, thought provoking social commentary that isn’t afraid to come from an ugly POV in favor of more commercially accessible material, I almost wish they would have just gone out on their own. 

    If they are happy where they are, that has to count for something. If they are, indeed, happy, I am happy for them as people. On my end, however, I am just a bit more skeptical about the future of Epik High’s sound than I was just a few weeks ago — which saddens me, somewhat.

    • Life LOL

      I was awaiting to see your reaction to the new mvs, given the similar perspectives we shared earlier on. I would be saddened too, if this were just a beginning of a transitions to this new style of music. I prefer to think of it as a blip in the radar. That’s what I hope. Yeah, at the end of the day, you’re still under an agency, and they’ll be limits as to what you can do. Well I hope they don’t settle. They did challenge the CEO to have 2 singles, so it’s still good to know they’ll campaign for what they firmly believe the decision should be even though it involves a greater workload. 

      Yeah, Tablo has said going independent is rough, you get a bigger share he said, but a greater share of a much smaller pie. While I do hope they know that they’ve got that assurance that they have established a strong fanbase based on their previous works alone, and that they don’t feel like they constantly need to be branching out to bring new people in. It’s hard, when profits are involved, but like you said, I hope they consider the cost, cost of artistic and creative freedom.

      Yes, the new music has heightened my level of skepticism, but I do have a hope that they’ll rediscover their roots and the inspiration behind past music. They may be in different stages in life, but I do believe the themes they’ve presented to us are existentially transcendent and I’m sure they’ll conjure up lyrics that make us ponder and question all behind a hauntingly beautiful instrumental. I hope so.

  • Life LOL

    Haha, I would say it’s my first time feeling like a Hippie, put it that way. Can’t say I loved it immediately the moment those 2 Mvs were released. Already highlighted my view, & aspirations for the album before the material was released. And I’m not as sure that it’d be something I’d put on loop. It’s just something that I can’t get into straight away. In the past, I’d been proud to showcase Epik High’s discography for everybody to listen to, but with this new release, there’s a reluctance creeping in. No doubt, It’s been interesting to see the debate over the past week. And for once, it was interesting to find myself in the minority. 

    This is no hit on Epik High taking a different route, I’m glad to seem the trio back, given what all the members have gone through. Indeed if this is a concept album, a one off thing, I’d be interested to see what they’ve got in store for their subsequent albums. If this album was just to reintroduce themselves and blow off some steam, it’s cool. However, I do miss their old style, because it’s a style that could really only be found in their discography, that I felt only they could really produce. That little niche, jazzy, soulful hip hop flow, nujabes-esque style of music. That’s what I’d probably miss from this latest album. It’d be interesting to see their GHOST interlude, when someone gets hold of the physical copy, because it’s supposed to contain some of those old vibes. And their instrumentals & interludes have always been a welcome addition to any album, with or without lyrics, their music was always beautifully poignant and rich. Plus they made great study music, Epik High’s instrumentals have this way of placing oneself in a realm of reflection & concentration.I’ve never thought Epik High to be part of kpop, but it’s like fuuko4869 said, if you’re underground and good, eventually you still want to make it to that level of success. And while I hope that those 2 worlds remain mutually exclusive, it’s obvious that they’ll merge. Haha, I remember reading some review, sarcastically saying that they’ll only be able to top this if they feature T.O.P. in a song.

    Reminds me very much of the rap scene in the US, with underground rappers coming through the ranks, and when they’ve reached huge success, people claim that they’re sellouts. Like Chamillionaire, he was huge in the underground scene in Houston, but “Ridin Dirty” probably threw off some of those mixtape messiah fans he had with him in the very beginning. It was seen to be a song that the label wanted, sure he composed it, but the flavour ultimately seem to appease the masses.

    I guess this could be analogous to the situation with Epik High, they were distinct enough for you to be labelled as a listener with some form of discretion, yet they enjoyed the level of success that would bring credibility to your preference in liking their music. But it still felt less mainstream enough that when you’d meet a fellow fan, it was a special thing, compared with if you met a Big Bang or SNSD fan. Because they weren’t as big and it would be  a little harder to find those Epik High fans.Yeah, that’s the great paradox with Indie/underground groups making it big. They’re always striving for more, and they can’t be in that little bubble forever, but it was nice while it lasted. That little phase.

    Well I do think they’ve cultivated a sound that has been exclusively unique to them. And personally it’d be a pity for them to toss it to the side completely.Would still love to see some element no matter how minuscule, in their future works. Kinda like Jay Chou, with his Dong Feng Po style, no matter how different the theme is, you’d always know that there was going to be at least 1 track that beautifully merged in traditional Chinese instruments. So I do wish the revisit some of their old music, continue to evolve, but still keep that same essence they brought the very first time they stepped on the scene.

  • Berdy

    Did G dragon write this?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MMRQEZEPSNJ26LJ7XJNDDM5NCI JasmineA

      I asked myself the same question honestly. :/ I hate to say this, but I was a bit disappointed. It’s okay for an artist to change their style, that’s not my problem or anything, In fact I think each Epik High albums have different sounds to them to me but still have the Epik Highness about them if that makes sense, but this one threw me off. Maybe my expectations were too high…Tablo’s solo work in YG was better than this… 

      • jakeasd

        what lyrically did the song remind you of gd?

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    I’m trying to love it. Trying.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000172585345 Ee Ling

    Like many pre-yg Epik High fans,I prefer the ‘old’ Epik High.No doubt they have evolved and changed.The songs are okay but they are just okay.I was expecting more because of Tablo’s solo album last year.I really hoped that they will retain their old colour.There’s nothing wrong with the new songs,they’re good but they are missing their trademark.Normally,when I hear an Epik High song,I can tell its them but I can’t this time round.Even though,they have become popular with the mainstream crowd in the past,they still kept their underground roots whilst experimenting but this sounds too ‘YG-fied’.

    My friend who only listens to kpop idol music plans to get the album because she likes the songs.I was very shocked initially but I guess this new Epik High has more mainstream appeal.I just hope that they would not be grouped with idols in the future.The eyeliner just turns me off frankly.But as Tablo mentioned,this is just a concept album.Maybe it was just something they have planned to try out but I’m still looking forward to their future releases.Most importantly,they are happy in YG and that is all that matters.

  • edenhyper

    All I’m going to say about the wank ensues over their old!stuff vs. new!stuff is that they’re big boys. They can handle themselves. I loved the video not so much the song. I thought UP was a great song and the MV was cool.

  • JammySmoochie

    I’m kinda sad that It’s Cold isn’t being promoted that much despite being a huge it. To be honest, it would be nicer if It’s Cold and Don’t Hate Me were the two title tracks, although I love Up, as a song, more than Don’t Hate Me. It would be a much more interesting contrast. Damn, even a music video for It’s Cold would be enough for me.

    With Don’t Hate Me, I had qualms about it. Maybe it’s too experimental or too YG-fied (if you know what I mean). But all those worries evaporated after watching their first live performance of the song. It was perfect as a performance song. And am I the only one noticing Tablo getting more and more attractive (and Kpop idol level attractive) these days? LOL, Hwangssabu and the stylists sure know their jobs.

    I love the album as a whole, although I would love it more if they collaborated with lesser known acts. Not that I hate Park Bom or Lee Hi (I love them), but I think indie songstresses are a better fit for Epik High’s music, just like the the collaborations Tablo did in his first YG solo album. Can’t wait for Epik High’s future releases.

    • VIPUSA

      All three of them look hot as hell!! Tablo and Co. can give any idol a run for their money.

      • JammySmoochie

        Idols better hide their wigs cuz Tablo and co are seriously gonna snatch some major wigs.


    I don’t get all the hate that YG is getting, I mean do we really think that YG stood inside Epik High recording studio with a gun and told them “These are the songs, this is the concept and this how are you guys are going to dress from now on period.” I mean we are talking about Epik High here, do you guys really think that all 3 members of EH would have signed that YG contract if they didn’t have control over their music and its creative process. I’m sure YG knew very well that the only way to get Epik High to signed was to give them that freedom and also the support that comes on being part of a big label company. I’m not YG stan, heck I can rant about YG all day long, but to think that YG has stripped EH colors is ridiculous.
    I have listened to the whole album and every single track screams Epik High is back, happy and in full force. If people are dismissing the whole album, then is too bad cause it’s really is one fun album all the way.
    Personally, I’m happy that Epik High decided to do some changes and have upbeat songs, we can’t always have emo Epik High, and to be honest this feel like Epik High is just screaming “We are happy to be back, happy to continue doing music and happy to be together as 3”.  The album feels like a rebirth of Epik High after so much pain and struggles they had to endured and what a fun way to comeback with upbeat music, yet at the core Epik High still Epik High.

  • Aquarius Wallflower

    Ok If i wasn’t familiar to Epik High’s previous albums, i could see the attention they got from “new fans”. But those of us that are familiar can see just how much they and their music have changed somewhat. Yes they are still epik high and yes they still have that rap style but it has more of punk rock feel instead of a hip hop/rap. Frankly i was afraid to hear their new album because i knew YG would have some effect in their promotions and their style including wardrobe and their sound (you would be in denial if you didnt think that). With just “Don’t hate me”: it kind of reminded me of G-dragons album what with all the bright colors ect… just the overall feel of it. I didn’t really like the song cause it really didn’t sound like epic high. it just sounded like if they were given a song and asked to promote it. I do have to admit their video was funny and cute and im sure it had symbolism but usually there isn’t much analyzing in epik high videos because there videos and lyrics were sort of self explanatory (thats just me”). Concerning their album there are some songs that are good and so i found myself wondering why they didn’t promote other better songs on that album rather than “Dont hate me”. I think people would be less inclined to criticize it if they would have picked another song to open up with promotion. Secondly i did not like all those promotions. I mean having Psy and Seungri, all those Crowns (bigbang) in their music video, YG artist in their songs, ect. I really thought it was unnecessary and a little over the top in promoting because i felt they were promoting other YG artist and not Epik High (it kinda reminded me of the Transformers movie were they promoted all these companies in the movie. it got really tiring in  watch it). I thought it was really smart adding all those “Monsters” in the MV and i even got a laugh out f the lady gaga’s appearance but i dont understand and found it unnecessary for GD’s crayon appearance to appear in the MV. Again i thought it was going over board with YG promotions. I like Bigbang, I like YG but I dont like Epik High promoting other YG artist only because they are in YG. I am grateful as a fan that YG took them into their label but that doesn’t mean they should have any effect on their music… Their music was fine before and really didn’t need to change. I will continue listening to Epik high and continue to support them but I hope they can go back to their roots.

    P.s Even though Epik high may have been the ones that wanted those promotions and artist in their music and it wasnt YG’s sole decision, as a fan i would still like Epik high to think about these things for their next album.

  • http://twitter.com/tabicatempo FANTASTIC Saffi :*

    I’m a huge YG-Stan and VIP, and I found Epik High earlier last year, before they started promotions with YG and all. I found Tablo’s two albums, and I cried over that stuff. Seriously, his raw feelings with a beat, or the chilling voice of a female singer, that was all it was. But I could feel his sadness with the song, and to this day, those albums will be two of my ultimate favourite. 
    It really struck my heartstrings and I really hoped Epik High would continue with the themes of some of their old songs-I’m not an emo (lol) but I don’t know, their music was strangely addictive, yet conveyed some DEEEP messages. I mean, ‘MAP OF THE SOUL’ completely blew my mind. 
    With their new stuff, on first listen with UP, I loved Bommie’s bit, but then got slightly thrown of track with the POP vibes. Then I watched ‘DON’T HATE ME’ and I found the video so interesting, and funny. I actually really loved infant ‘GD’s cameo’ but I understand why people thought it wasn’t really necessary. The song seemed a bit repetitive, and lacked a bit of depth, but it complemented the video. 
    The thing is, Jiyong and Tablo have become colleagues as well as artists over the years. They’re friends, so they’re obviously going to be influenced by each other’s music styles. TABLO’s Fever’s End albums were sort of like, a recap of the hard times, and I understand that Epik High’s new, colourful vibe is more optimistic.
    I will still continue to support them. For me, apart from IT’S COLD, non of their new songs really caught my attention. But the other day, I did look up the lyrics for their song BAD  GUY, and being a movie lover, I really liked them (Especially the LOW-KEY/LOKI part) . There’s no denying that these guys are lyrical! 

    Even when I watch movies, I’m attracted to villains.
    I like acting perverse better than acting like a hero.
    I’m the bad guy.
    Even when I date girls, I’m only attracted to the bad type.
    I like a rough girl better than an angel.
    All the bad girls… say goodnight to the bad guy.The world is mine. My greed overflows in my hands.
    So what if I’m crazy with ambition? I’m Tony Montana.
    I puff up my willpower by refusing to give in.
    A criminal who uses his brain.
    I’m like Bane who snaps the wings of bat-like dreams.
    Locking me up with prejudice is the wrong way to handle me.
    Hannibal Lector, who swallows two ears with his voice.
    A villain who only aims for villains.
    I feel disgusted.
    Mmm… Dexter, who makes even the evil seem like the good.I don’t just spend money… I kill bills.Giving way? Zero. The biggest greed.
    I’m Gorden Gekko, who takes away your ears if you don’t give me them.
    I don’t care about money, I only bloom when there’s chaos.
    I’m Joker, who smiles from ear to ear only when it becomes messy.
    I’m a mo mo mo mo monster, I’m Johan when I’m summoned.
    The best or the worst, I set up chaos.
    Stop with that dignity. The world’s gentle rules.
    Even when you dress me in a suit, I’m Vincent or Jules.Even when I watch movies, I’m attracted to villains.
    I like acting perverse better than acting like a hero.
    I’m the bad guy.
    Even when I date girls, I’m only attracted to the bad type.
    I like a rough girl better than an angel.
    All the bad girls… say goodnight to the bad guy.I’m impossible to control.
    It’s only a waste of time for you. A few kids won’t win over me.
    I’m Magneto holding up steel.
    Change your face. It’s only your disadvantage.
    Why would you try so hard in a game?
    I’m Caster Troy, with a personality that will destroy you while smiling.
    It’s so fun when I watch them chatter, hiding behind windows.
    I’m Kira who ends it all by finding out and writing down your name.
    Though I hate them, I put my enemies up even close and watch over them secretly.
    I’m Don Corleone who can always put an end to it.DJ play me something funky mang
    Funk funky mang funk funky mang, hey!
    DJ play me something funky mang
    Funk funky mang funk funky mang, hey!Hey… I like a noisy stage. I play like a villain.
    Heroes team up against me but I’m not intimidated.
    I cannot be low-key. (Loki)
    I only feel satisfied when I clash and fight.
    The law is only a sandbag to me. Call me Tyler Durden.
    I don’t care. Children or adults, I will spit fire your way.
    Limping then rolling on the beats, my flow is like Kaiser Soze’s.
    Ole! My whole body is overflowing with dark forces.
    It’s black like Vader.
    I’m your father, but I’m also one bad mother.Haters can’t breathe.

  • http://twitter.com/mme0914 Mari ^_^

    Great article you made me realize of the symbolism of the video. I thought it was only a fun video with a catchy song lol 

  • http://twitter.com/Spenceeeerrrr Spencer Shaffstall

    I have to say, when this album first came out, I was on the fence about it. One one hand, I was feeling somewhat disappointed because I was hoping and expecting their album to be along the lines of their previous material, which I very much prefer over the K-Pop scene. When it’s cold came out first, I was feeling some hope that too much wouldn’t be changed from their original style. On the other hand, I could understand why their music went through some changes. As much as I respect YG as a company, I knew that it would be impossible for them not to put their “mark” on the material. And after a 3 year hiatus, it’s inevitable that some of the former fans will have given up and dropped Epik High as a group they would wait for. Some by added some commercialized style, they have a chance of gaining some new fans to replace the ones they’ve lost. The material is not bad; it still have an Epik High feel, with some pop thrown into it. After listening to the album a few more times, I’ve grown to like it a lot. But, I also hope that their new album will have them going back to their roots, back to what fans followed them for in the first place. If they don’t, it is very possible they’re going to lose all the fans that stuck with them from the beginning. Balance is very important for them now, and I hope that they are able to do it successfully.

  • gdaelly

    Im feelinh bittersweet ove their comeback. I am a VIP and knows EPIK HIGH long before i even became a VIP. I really love their old songs and 1MINUTE1SECOND was he song that gotme hooked and i was only12! over the years im still in love with Tablo, even when theyre in hiatus and ive became a hardcore VIP, I still believe that one day epik high will comeback. When Tablo made a comeback under YG, i couldnt be any happier because i know he will be in good hands. Even his albums were great. Then, finally epik high mede theit comeback. Its cold sounds almost the same as their past hitsongs, with raps and female singer voice. Then i start to hear all he songs in the album, my sameage friend also commented that they sounded too YG. Im sure im happy that theyre finally back doing bussiness, but their music just sounded too…….(i have no words for this feeling i got)

  • http://twitter.com/HumbugJones Janelle Stevenson

    Given that I’m a new Epik High fan – discovered them over the summer – I’m somewhat interested in this discussion. I was reeled in by “Love Love Love” and “Run” dove into some of the deeper, more serious stuff. Even then, I came across comments about how “pop” Love Love Love and Run were, and how they weren’t as serious/good as their social commentary tracks. (It’s always something, isn’t it?)

    Fever’s End was rich and amazing and I couldn’t stop listening to it. I wasn’t sure where the new album would go. Sad and emotive, like Fever’s End? Glossy and pop, like Love Love Love?

    I haven’t known the band long enough to say that “99” sounds out of their norm. Maybe it’s YG’s influence. Or, maybe this is just the direction they were heading before taking time out to deal with made-up scandals and military service.

  • VLF218

    I like it.  After they went through so much why can’t they have a fun lighthearted album??  The only thing that was very YG to me was the promotion style, Epik High is in control of what kind of music they make.  From what I understand, they already had these songs before they signed with YG.  

    Everyone was so afraid when Tablo joined YG because they thought it would “change” him, but as everyone saw he is still very much the same musically and artistically.  So if Tablo had creative control over his solo work what in the world makes you think that he would relinquish that control just because the group was going to make a comeback??

    Now I would be lying if I said I wasn’t very surprised with the happy/pop rock sound of ‘Don’t Hate Me’ and Tablo singing.  But like they said, they want to reach out/reintroduce themselves to the younger audience who might not be familiar with them.

    Basically, don’t over react people.  No one wants to do the same thing all the time.  Besides, it’s just one album.  We all know they have many more in them

  • goldengluvsk2

    the biggest change for me was like the fashion… besides from that i dont see nothing out of place… epik high is known for experimenting and you cant really compare the music scene from 3 years ago to the current music scene… even when epik high is more known for the serious stuff and deep meaning in songs  like “Fan” -song that I looove with delusional creepy fascinating mindblowing MV included-, I found it clever and just in tone after all the -sh*tty- stuff they went through to release fun songs. I wouldnt want them to be all “boohoohoo we had such a hard time so we’ll depress you all with this album” I liked it because I didnt expect the happy song but really liked it because theyre all like “bite me haters” xD 

  • soshibangpop

    Like what Tablo said, it’s a concept album not to be taken so seriously. They decided to make a lighthearted, fun album that veers from their usual style to symbolize overcoming all their struggles and coming back stronger and being able to enjoy their comeback. In my opinion, this style from Epik High is a one-time thing. They really just want to just have fun for their comeback after three grueling years of hardship. And I’m happy to see that they really do seem to be enjoying themselves. I can’t wait for their more serious stuff, though (as I’m a sucker for their melancholic music).