• sdfsdfa1231

    At least someone took him in, 
    Woolim Entertainment left him out in the open. i hope epik high as a whole move to a different company.

    • http://twitter.com/windyalchemist Diana Zarate

      I hope so too. I can’t believe Woolim left him to venture this all out on his own. 

  • MAR_M3anie

    I read the wired magazine article, CRAZY can not describe what Tablo went through, it was just on a whole another level.  Family can do you in the worst plunging that knife in your back.  I really hope Tablo get’s justice in court and I know some Asians want to save face when it comes to family, but F********CK THAT!

    As the late Bernie Mac said, “If I ever see my (Insert Relative), It’s gonna be a misunderstanding!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    Nobody, and absolutely nobody deserves to go through what Tablo has these past few years. It’s admirable and amazing, but so what if he graduated from Stanford?! I can’t even wrap my mind around how people will people hate him for such a thing. Who cares where he went to school and how quickly he graduated? Who cares if he “wasted” all those good grades on doing something unconventional such as music? It was nobody’s business.

    • theonetwo

       apparently they think differently in s. korea.

    • bethany_SB

      Agreed x 100. I really admire Tablo for his skills and it just makes me so sad to see something like this affect him negatively. Argh. 

    • xinran0205

      Asian countries, especially those with a very strong confucian influence i.e. East Asian countries specifically, place a great amount of emphasis on educational qualifications, and it can even be considered a part of your identity. As a Chinese I get very pissed off at this aspect of the culture; you get compared to others by grades and some people will even judge you based on that. That partly explains why some people in Korea when batshit crazy about even rumours of Tablo ‘faking’ his degree, especially one from a prestigious WESTERN university. To a lot of people in East Asia getting into the Ivy Leagues esp yale, harvard, stanford (you know, the biggest names) are like the holy grail of your career as a student, and are deemed as more worthy of praise than entering the top local university.  It’s partly due to this cultural inferiority complex that I think many Asians have vis-a-vis the west.

      But of course this doesn’t mean that all East Asians will have this tendency to want to send death threats to people who have either faked their degrees or are suspected of faking them. At least in the Chinese community you will get heavily criticized by netizens but I’ve never seen death threats emerging because of small issues like this. It’s more exclusive to Korean society, and that’s the part i don’t get as well, like why they get so overboard with small mistakes and unfounded rumours

  • http://twitter.com/jinranbb Jinran (BB)

    The internet (or more specificially, the World Wide Web) was a CERN offshoot, and not from America. 


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JEWLBBA6C6DVXZWDJIFNGPOTVI malu

    Simply having access to the internet should not give one the right to completely slander the name of another with malicious intent. These so called netizens have become such an overbearing figure in kpop its sad to see that the people who are supposedly plugged into kpop as “fans” can be categorized with evil CEOS as one of the many things wrong with the system. 
    The amount of anonymity that the internet gives a person is great in a sense when its used for the right reasons, but people like Whatbecomes who have the balls to try to pass themselves off as a victim need to be set straight. While you can sit behind your little computer dealing out so called justice, just think about the person who has to face the scrutiny of the media, distrust of the public, and possibly disappointment from their family. 

    Another thing that bothers me so much is the amount of credibility these netizens need to have.   I know that its been mentioned before but the whole “Netizens comment,” thing on the end of every article is simply overkill, since when do random hodge podge of opinions suddenly become reputable citations. Can you MLA that shit, I dont think so theres no author. The amount of deindividuation the internet gives netizens in itself is scary. The ones spazzing about how pretty someone looks in the freaking airport, might just turn around and point out an offensive gesture made by that same artist and cause a whole lot of drama for the littlest thing. I mean do we really need to be consoled and apologized to from the artist and company for everything that the netizens point out? No.  

  • em21di

    What I don’t get is how TajinYo still active … gosh and even attacking the Wired magazine and the author for writing that article. Sigh, the nerves of some of these people I just don’t get it.

  • idontknoe

    The most heartbreaking thing in the article was when he said that he was scared to take his baby to the doctors for a checkup because he didn’t know if the doctors or nurses were one of the faceless netizens that could potentially hurt his child.

    • minty_chip

      Yes I definitely agree; my heart hurt when I read that. It truly makes me sad to see people who don’t care or are oblivious to the fact how harmful and influential messages they post online can be.  

    • Gil_SB

      No one ever deserves what he want through. Fatherhood is supposed to be filled with joy not paralyzing fear for your child’s safety because of certain netizens’ disillusioned beliefs on a matter that carries no weight. 

      My heart broke when I read that quote, to think that people think it’s okay to say such vapid remarks against an innocent man. 

    • Whisperingnotes

      I remember crying myself to sleep after finding that out.

  • Black_Plague

    It’s cases like this that make me want to support censorship in the Internet – maybe not full hardout censorship, but such groups like Tajinyo really need to be either forcibly shut down or at least heavily monitored. It may be contradictory to freedom of speech (an essential form to democracy, of which South Korea is, for the most part) but there clearly are limits to how far it can be accepted.

    South Korea is a highly technologically advanced nation, especially when it comes to computers and the Internet but over time, flaws are bound to be found – in this case, netizens abusing their freedom of speech to slander a well-respected musician beyond acceptable boundaries. Sure, making a couple of crude jokes, mocking them in forums and blogs etc. may be the norm but going as far as death threats against family members? Again, there’s a limit to how far it can be accepted and in the case of South Korea, that limit needs to be pushed down drastically.

    In any case groups like Tajinyo are shut down before they cause too much of a ruckus, I won’t complain. If anything, it’s as if netizens have more power over celebrities’ lives than even the latter’s agencies at times.

    For all I care, Kim Eung Suk can go rot in hell. He led that blasted forum in the first place and got himself in deeper shit without even bothering to be aware of the potential consequences.

    I won’t even get started with Choi Jin Sil’s case.

  • http://twitter.com/celinelilly Chanting Lee

    This is one reason why I do not enjoy the Korean media sphere as much as I want to. Although it applauds citizen journalism and embraces it, there are still flaws to this principle and should be used with care. I really do feel sad reading what’s happened to Tablo, it’s heartbreaking and no one deserves to go through that.

    Citizen journalism has its flaws. Yes, everyone now has the potential to report, or do their part, in a liberal democratic society, but where do they get their sources? What are the odds that the information presented is inaccurate? And what about the motive for writing? Is it to fulfill a watchdog role in society? Or in Tablo’s case, made to intentionally/non-intentionally (?) screw up, ruin someone else’s life?

    I have never liked the fact that South Korean media actually consider a netizen’s comment a credible source to provide input into celebrity and entertainment articles.

    If you really thought it through, would you want to put a quote of what someone, sitting behind a laptop, with ample time on his/her hands wrote an off-handed comment about a certain topic on a newspaper? Regardless of the thought and quality of that comment?

    Wouldn’t that just encourage such behaviours to continue? It’s no lie that idols and celebrities do get affected by these netizens. Why else would they worry about scandals? Why else would they worry about their conduct outside of their job descriptions so much? Why else would there be high rates of depression, exhaustion, and suicides?

     It is petty, it is sad, and it is insane, but people don’t like change, nor do a lot want to change, so it’s hard to say if things will get better so that these type ‘a netizen’s comment’ cases don’t happen again.

    With the Internet, the anonymity and freedom to post, write, or say whatever we want is limitless, which leads to things such as hate, anti-fans, and what have you. Either they need to implement some sort of measures to what netizens do, or let this continue since they’ve embraced the view that ‘every citizen is a reporter’ already. Can’t go backwards, only forward.

  • Winter_Rose

    ok idk if i’m just misunderstanding here but i don’t understand why “controversies” like this get so blown out of proportion in korean entertainment and especially stuff started by random people on the internet. the fact that these haters on the internet even have an effect on what the korean media reports is really weird. there are a lot of rumors about american artists but none of them actually ever get taken SERIOUSLY – they are usually just reported in trashy tabloid magazines. korean media seems really sketchy to me tbh. like a lot of the stuff the media outlets report on is just posted by netizens and not backed up by actual facts. also idk if i’m just misinformed here but it seems like “controversies” in korea get WAY blown out of proportion compared to western countries. like i don’t understand why korean fans seriously tell block b and jay park to go “kill themselves” over some dumb words. just because they made a mistake, doesn’t mean they should kill themselves wtf. does it have to do with asian society in general?

    • xinran0205

      No, I can assure you this does not happen in all asian societies nor is it associated with a particular asian ‘mindset’ or culture lol. I’m Chinese and no one gets that worked up over small issues like that either in China or in Singapore which is where I live now. But yea, like you mentioned a lot of it actually has to do with the lousy media and it is true that the korean media can be VERY f*cked up, even the more established news sources. Just look at the way they reported Jay’s and Block B’s incident. The reason why you see so many different english translated versions of Block B’s statements floating around on the net is because they were all directly translated from Korean sources, some of which contained straight out lies, and i’m not even exaggerating lol. The kind of things the media resorts to just to get viewership is really depressing sometimes…

    • Whisperingnotes

      So far, nothing like this has happened in India. And yes, the Korean media are so incompetent that they actually depend on the netizens for ‘news’. All controversies and false reports have proved this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000123133745 Kat Zimmer

    Tablo has a wife!?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Yeah! Got married in 2009 to Kang Hyejung, who was in “Old Boy” and recently, Yoochun’s “Miss Ripley.” Look up their wedding pictures. Seriously one of my fave K-celeb wedding pictures ever. :)

      • Gil_SB

        They’re such a beautiful couple and I’m happy for them. And those pictures were so cute. 

    • Aakanksha sinha

      Plus a cute little baby, who supplies a “line” in Try off of Fever’s End

  • Susan Park

    I know this may sound very obvious, but couldn’t he just proved it by either ordering for a transcript at Standford or showing his graduation diploma?

    But I guess then people would say he forged it or photoshopped it or whatever… so there would be no point..

    • Aakanksha sinha

      He did both those things. Netizens came up with ways he could have forged it but the idea that really took hold was that the transcript/diploma were real, but it was a DIFFERENT Daniel Lee. Like Tablo stole someone’s identity. They started calling up Korean-American Daniels who went to Stanford…

      • Susan Park

        Those are some lengths just to prove it’s false…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      He did. He even allowed MBC to film him going to Stanford and getting his actual transcript, showing everyone his near perfect grades and his diploma. He even had one of the alumni directors or someone high up in Stanford to be interviewed and vouch for him. He did everything he could to prove his side of the story and yet people still didn’t believe him.

      • Susan Park

        Wow… that’s ridiculous. I didn’t know people could be so delusional.. 

    • Whisperingnotes

      Please read the Stanford Magazine and WIRES articles. :)

  • http://twitter.com/thisisgermaine Germaine Gan

    When i read stories regarding the unfair attack on Tablo, I tend to get really emotional, cause it just seems really unwarranted. I don’t get how korean netizens have that much free time to dig up dirt on people’s lives. I mean come on, we only have 24 hours a day and you spend it on finding evidence to discredit a person’s credentials. They say its because they have a right to reveal the false academic certification of others and inform people of this injustice. If you feel the need to investigate, why not be a PI or a cop, why hide behind the anonymity of the internet. And if they felt the need to do good, why not volunteer? It just seems that this all stems from jealousy, and you know what they say about envy, its a deadly sin. HAHAHA.

    Anyway, this further cements my view that the internet is a double edged sword. And seriously, with relatives like that who needs enemies? 

  • Chocho268

    What a sad excuse for existence: waking up every morning just to hurt and harm a person that has done nothing to you and you don’t even know. I’m at a loss for words.
    Even if Tablo proved them all wrong (which he did, as far as I am concerned) the Tajinyo group wouldn’t buy it because in reality, they’re not angry about him supposedly fabricating the Standford diploma, they’re just generally miserable, angry and pathetic people that (even if for once in their lives) need to feel they’re somehow important. Tablo was just a convenient target for their anger and misery.

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    Omg I just read the Wired article. Tablo’s cousin sounds like a psycho, seriously. And all the other stuff, just horrible. Ugh I can’t believe such people exist on this earth. 

  • http://twitter.com/chubipower Jay Wong

    this article made me die a little inside… but i agree with the last paragraph whole-heartedly. it doesn’t matter whether he had a degree or masters or did not even finish high school. talent isn’t about having the most education. you’re born with it… the rest is just determination and hard work.

    Tablo fighting! i wish you the best :)

  • http://twitter.com/akikisetsu joy

    Even before I read the wired article, I knew bits and pieces of what Tablo went through, but to know that his cousin is involve or kinda started it was freakin’ sad.   You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that envy is the motive behind everything, even if they swear to high heavens that it’s not.  Based from a lot of articles, Tablo already produced everything that you can think off (diplomas, certification from professors (written and verbal) and from Stanford, and now all this articles from Stanford Alumni) and still the witch hunt continues.  Whatever happens to OWNING UP and ACCOUNTABILITY.  Just like what Heechul from Super Junior tweeted, “….if your going mad coz of that thing called INFERIORITY COMPLEX, just go get treatment.” 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XKBYYFFOAYYZFQJ34SBTAXFNJM spring baby

    rediculous. read the wired article and seriously that’s crazy.people have waaaay to much time on their fucking hands. i knew about the case before but didn’t really know all the details. i know a lot of netizens can be a little crazy and talk mad shit behind a keyboard, among doing other crazy thingz, but THIS whole case is just crazy!!!!!! they took being an internet gangsta to a whole nother level!!! and his cousin is somethin else and ima leave it at that. poor man should have been celebrating becoming a father and then that just had to ruin it all.

    with all the stuff backing up Tablo’s innocence, i really don’t understand what more do these people want? they were wrong so apologize and move on!!!!!

  • illerz

    Ahhh family. What ever would we do without them.

    And people believe what they want. They never actually thought any of the things they accused him of. Someone just gave them a seemingly legitimate reason to hate him and they ran with it. And it was all about their unreasonable dislike for tablo. And nothing was going to change that. Certainly not the truth.

    But I never forgot it. And I never will. That man makes me sick. Middle-aged man in chicago my ass. He’s a criminal, and a sad excuse for a man. It makes me sick every time.

    This is why every time there is a witch hunt, I don’t care I have to step in front of the mob and ask what the f**k they think they are doing. Even if I am just one person to hundred. At least its not going COMPLETELY unchecked. There has to be people willing to call bullshit.
    Breaks my heart and makes me want to cry. Poor tablo.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

    Gil this is a great introduction for folks like me who came into Kpop right after all this dust settled down. I NEVER knew it had gotten so out of hand. I spent the entire morning reading both the Stanford and Wired articles (both of which are amazing!) and then reading the CRAZY comments from tajinyo commenters. I’ve never seen anything like it. Imagine basing your life on the goal of destroying another’s. Its evil. And it’s a reflection of envy and having nothing else to live for. And the more the media talks about it the more the antifans feel powerful. Tablo is such a good guy and doesn’t deserve this. Thanks for this article.

  • http://thisshineeworld.wordpress.com/ aki-moto

    “Sources point to David’s cousin, Seungmin Cho, who claimed that Tablo’s achievements were exaggerated…”

    So, who’s this “David”? He sure seems to show up out of nowhere.

    • Gil_SB

      David Lee=Tablo

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

        David is Tablo’s older brother. Tablo’s English name is Daniel.

      • http://thisshineeworld.wordpress.com/ aki-moto

        Just to be absolutely clear – my original comment was meant to be sarcastic in pointing out the error in your article. But now I’m incredulously curious – is your reply to my comment written seriously? You wrote this whole article about Tablo, and you thought his name was “David”?

  • suhshiroll

    its good to be cynical but to a certain extent.. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    How can what happened to TABLO not make you mad?  It’s hard enough that you struggle through school and succeed, work hard as an artist and legitimately make a name for yourself– only to be brought down by people who do not know any better.  It’s one thing to question and ask for the truth but it is yet another to claim falsehoods.  Even under YG and a with a successful album released post facto, it seems Tablo has yet to recover from the blow that was brought about by TaJinYo. I really just hope that he will be able to pick up the pieces soon.

  • MamaWack

    Seeing Tablo on the Strong heart special edition of YG family hurt, I have been a fan of epik high since 2007, Tablo was always confident and funny now he is so cautious and has become half the man he was. I am probably one of the few people out there who believe that this ‘netizen’ phenomenon should be ban. it has brought nothing but shame and hurt for many celebrities, some not being strong enough end up committing suicide. I hope these attacks against Tablo stop because I fear the worse for him

    • Juss_sayin

      I understand the change in him was oddly foreign for his previous variety shows/ I’m glad that he entered the TV scene at all rather than hiding in the shadows. Hopefully, he may be able to adjust soon once his case is closed. I just wish it’d be over by now, it angers me to see such ignorant people continue to bash on one who has worked so hard.

  • http://twitter.com/windyalchemist Diana Zarate

    “I am so angry they are treating me like a suspect when they have not confirmed I am a criminal.”
    And the pot called the kettle black.”

    I really really hope Kim Eung Suk is arrested and tried for what he did. That statement he said pissed me off even more! No Kim Eung Suk, you did act like a criminal: slander is considered a crime in some states! Because of him the stupid netizens got carried away and the mapthesoul site was shut down. Tablo is an amazing and talented person, he didn’t deserve this. His music speaks for its self, he shouldn’t have had to give proof. Some people are not only jealous, but stupid as well. I also can’t believe TaijinYo doesn’t know when to stop. The truth has been told, Tablo’s statements have been proven true, so knock it off! What’s wrong, TajinYo, afraid that your ridiculous self is being exposed to the world?

  • fuck you eung kim

    buncha low life jealous pieces of shits. Im happy that tablo has proven them all wrong. and for eung kim- fuck you you fucking prick, youll get yours one day.

  • patlwr

    I hope that those whom started this dumb witch hunt should really go to hell. I believe in karma. They nearly destroyed Tablo. Just be reading it, i can’t even put myself into his shoes, its so scary. I can’t even find that Korean-American Eung Kim pictures on internet. Seriously hope that he is not on this planet since he was already 57 years old when this happened. I can’t even imagine walking down a street full of people staring at you cursing at you. Receiving death threats everyday. Looking at your loved ones hated by the public because of you but you just can’t do anything… i really want to look at what those people looks like. God bless Tablo’s family. Tablo’s wife must had a very hard time during pregnancy. I hope i have a family like them.