• idontknoe

    I’ve seen a grandma do aeygo in SK, so yea they like cute.

  • http://twitter.com/sabilamalina sabila amalina

    oh GG is actually my first encounter to kpop. Really digging the cutesy era Oh and Gee. I appreciated they tried being more mature. Still accepted the Run Devil Run dark soshi concept. But immediately turn down with “the boys”. It just weird. I think they can try the TTS concept. It fun, cute but not over, and quite sassy for more mature image. Just burn the prom dress with leather legging please. The funky gangsta thing imo just really weird for SNSD. WTH with Sunny’s motherf**ker’s hat?? You ain’t any G-Dragon yo!! If SM really do their usual pattern as for the teaser is not actually tease you and you’ll get completely different for the real one. I hope I can expect the comeback will go well. And I really hope Tiffany won’t rap. Just because you speak English doesn’t mean you can rap for sake

    • MisOpparsSonMejoresQueTu

      Her AYO GG was totally unnecessary 

  • http://unblurthefuture.livejournal.com/profile eijem

    the concept is like 2ne1+f(x)+4minute’s early days

  • http://unblurthefuture.livejournal.com/profile eijem

    the concept is like 2ne1+f(x)+4minute’s early days

  • ATPO

    Agreed. Though Korean culture tends to be more conservative, I think this is pushing it a bit far. Unfortunately, although the previews aren’t 100% reflective of what appears in the MV, a majority of what is in the previews does show up SOMEWHERE in the MV, which saddens me because it seems SM is still clinging to the cute concept to play it safe.

    Disappointing, but I can’t exactly say I’m surprised.

  • Fatricia Fatlegs (Trish Okeke)
    • http://twitter.com/_GenesisAimee WelcomeMotherf★ckers

       too bad nobody cares about your opinion ^^

    • http://twitter.com/_GenesisAimee WelcomeMotherf★ckers

       too bad nobody cares about your opinion ^^

      • yanagiba yusuke22

        i care…

  • Ohai Saelis

    I always liked SNSD… Before I began liking SHINee and EXO, SNSD was the only reason I paid for my ticket to the SMTown concert.

    That being said, I absolutely hated Dancing Queen and I Got a Boy. Maybe I’ve come to expect a lot of them, but I would hope that a video called Dancing Queen would, at the very least, have some distinctive dance move, if not a great dance in general. They had the running move in RDR, the crab walk in Gee, the driving thing in Mr Taxi and the legs in Genie, but Dancing Queen’s dance had nothing memorable about it. I also kept thinking of Duffy, and the whole bubblegum pop version of Mercy didn’t work for me. Maybe it’s just me. :

    For both videos, it was like they cloned Hyuna into nine girls. The outfits… I think they tried to go for a cross between cute and sexy, and ended up with colourful, tacky and cheap. The best part of Dancing Queen was when they were all in white tees and jeans. Did they really make it look like Taeyeon had her red undies peeking out in I Got A Boy? Was that necessary?

    Bah, I’m probably going to be branded a hater for this. Gonna get a drink before I get crucified with, “NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK,” etc.

    • anime manga

      um….i’m pretty sure it was 138387447x better then hyuna.
      i liked the outfits personally….

  • http://ofstrangersensibilities.blogspot.com Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    please check out this version of I GOT A BOY rearranged by a fan on omona they didn’t. it fixes everything that is wrong with the song. http://youtu.be/Q2djaQg0J-c

  • shannie4888

    Well “I Got a Boy” has been released and I’m not impressed with the song. I’ve been slacking off on listening to the album, but I’ll give it a shot. I can’t wait for Seoulbeats critique of the song. My fingers are in anticipation of replying. 

  • http://twitter.com/J2201987 Justin Asomugha

    This song is a mess. It’s like 5 different songs cut and pasted together with audacity. And yes that mini-army of chicks are OVER the age of 21 (in regular years Korean years, hell even dog years). Shouldn’t they be singing about a MAN and not a boy? 

  • haiitsvi

    I honestly don’t mind the cutesy concept for SNSD. I wish they’d release stuff that was similar to their Into the New World and Oh! albums. Their new tracks are some sort of weird mish-mash between trying to be hardcore/sexy/edgy and cute. It does not work. And they should stop trying to rap because that’s just not them. I liked how they’re one of the few groups out there that didn’t have a designated rapper, but now it seems like they have 3 or 4 who aren’t exactly great. And no matter how hard they try, they will never have as much swag as someone like CL or even, dare I say, HyunA. 

    I did like Twinkle, though. That was a good way to mix it up for them and they should do a similar concept for the entire group if they’re looking for a way to be more mature.

    I’ll be waiting for an entire review of I Got a Boy from SB. It’s a pretty mediocre album in my opinion, possibly worse than The Boys which I thought was random enough.

  • Tornibbon91

    Looks like you got your wish.

  • Tornibbon91

    Looks like you got your wish.

  • Mihna Naser

    I love u Soo Young!!!!