• http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    As much as I love Kpop, this is the side of South Korea that I did not like, the racist, xenophobic part… They probably take too much pride in their nationality to forget that they are part of this global village. And as a member of the village, it is only appropriate to live harmoniously with each other. The problem is, this sort of racist, xenophobic thing is more than it meets the eye. It is usually quite deeply rooted and not something that you can weed out immediately. Maybe with time, they will come to realize that this sort of attitude and behavior should not continue because it will harm their reputation in the eyes of the world. 

    I apologize if I speak in a lofty, out of world manner. Hehe. 

    • black_rose45000

      “Maybe with time, they will come to realize that this sort of attitude
      and behavior should not continue because it will harm their reputation
      in the eyes of the world.”
      If that is true, it would still be rather sad that instead of opening their eyes and realize the good and bad that can be found in EVERY culture (and that no, God/karma did not bestow on them with everything good and every other culture is tainted in one form or the other), but they’ll just do that because it harms their name and reputation. They’ll worry about not how their values are harmed, in essence, but their reputation. :3

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4ZSUYNPUIRG7OCJAG3CTPDETM Bazinga

    Wow…. that video is just so horrible. MBC sucks. >:(

  • cswuey

    I could never quite phrase the extreme pride in korean culture, but you’ve really hit upon it. Nationalism.  This article is wonderful as it points out the difference between just being confident and proud of one’s heritage and being ignorant and racist against others.  Bigotry works both ways.

  • FallingSnow

    Well said, Dana. Well said. I’m in 100% agreement. Whenever I see instances like these, I just get so frustrated at how incredibly narrow-minded people can get in this vast, globalized world. Sometimes, people just need to have some sense smacked into them. I honestly wish articles like these can be translated into Korean and published where more Koreans can see. Perhaps someone on SB is able to…?

  • Fresh Lemons

    I am not going to say much about this bc I have said my piece about this situation and other situations about South Korea and foreigners. The only thing I have to comment is that when I saw that news segment, I was laughing so hard because it was completely hypocritical of MBC to do something like this when they just held a concert in conjunction with Google about a deal to provide content through youtube to foreigners.

  • Varsico


  • SamiSwanSion

    *standing ovation*

  • Khaddie

    In the video, there was this one part where a foreign man approached a Korean women waiting for a taxi and the reporter said that few minutes later they were acting like a couple. Did they consider that perhaps they were a couple?

    But seriously, the f*** did I just watch? If it had been a report on a few incident, it would have been acceptable but the gross generalisation made in that video is just ridiculous. Don’t try to sell your culture and export it to other countries, then turn around and call all foreigners in your own country a “problem”. True, not all of them will be upstanding citizens, but not every single one of them has entered your country to rape your women. And what about the fact that the way people act in clubs and around clubs isn’t really what they always do. Most of the time people either go to a club to dance and have fun, but some will go there to hook up and you decide to base a report on dating on people you see in a club. Really?

    The view of MBC shouldn’t reflect the view of an entire country, but when international fans who actively endorse and buy your exports see stuff like this from one of the foremost broadcasters of Halleyu, not good for business is it? If this is journalism, do it better.

    • black_rose45000

      “Did they consider that perhaps they were a couple?”
      Lol! True that! I only thought maybe they met somewhere that night and decided to take things further from then. But your theory is probable too, and if it’s true, it makes the whole report even more laughable than it already was.
      “there to hook up and you decide to base a report on dating on people you see in a club.”
      and funny how it only focused on foreigners.

      • Khaddie

        I know right? Of they stopped trying to vilify the foreigner they probably would have seen a Korean couple hooking up at some point. Who’s to blame in that scenario?

        The video only seems to focus on foreign men with Korean women. I’d be quite interested to see how try would tackle it if it were foreign women and Korean men. No doubt the woman would be presented as a seductress. Even if they are portraying foreigners negatively badly, they aren’t doing Korean women any favours by portraying them as naive children who are easily taken advantage of by the “evil foreigner.”

        • black_rose45000

          “they aren’t doing Korean women any favours by portraying them as naive
          children who are easily taken advantage of by the “evil foreigner.””
          True that, but maybe it’s ok to do so, in their book? The way they pass on the blame only on the male part in this case, and the way they treat women in general and expect them to be chaste or naive and such (this is based on several things picked up from K-entertainment, I can’t say for sure though since I’m not fully immersed in their culture :( ).
          The thing you say about Korean men and foreign women is very interesting, and I have no doubt it would happen the way you said it would. We’re all clearly a promiscuous, decayed culture who’s invading their country to corrupt their youth >.> Now that I think of it, though, I’d be curious to know how often do K. men hook up with foreign women as well, because right now, to me it seems like it’s more often for women to marry foreigners than the other way around. Just a curiosity, and if it’s indeed so, I wonder why is that, is it also a culture thing…

  • http://twitter.com/Bbunni1986 Rose BB

    I just read a piece by the Korean at askakorean.blogspot.com about the MBC media strike:

    “Also, the media strike is indirectly responsible for this racist MBC “expose” on interracial relationships in Korea,
    which can be roughly summarized as:  “Dey terk er weemin!” As the
    regular news staff of MBC has been on strike nearly six months, MBC has
    been filling its lineup with a lot of crap that are produced by outside
    production companies. One of the results is that a completely
    beyond-the-pale program like this one goes through the filters.

    (Aside:  The Korean really does not have much to add on this whole thing
    without repeating what others have already said. It was racist,
    misogynistic and shitty. Even Koreans in Korea have overwhelmingly called this program out as racist, misogynistic and shitty.”

    • black_rose45000

      “Even Koreans in Korea have overwhelmingly called this program out as racist, misogynistic and shitty”
      This sounds great.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Basil-Keilani/664591046 Basil Keilani

      Yes, many Koreans have criticized the airing of this stuff, but, unfortunately, some Korean males have openly defended this and said this represents our culture.

  • Nabeela

    God, Dana you’re an artist! Bravo–this one really hits home

  • Theorist

    /sigh. their perception of the world is still very low. majority of the people there.

  • http://twitter.com/fanamuins92 Nana Muin

    What made me skeptical about the whole thing was how they painted these Korean women who willingly date foreigners as some sort of naive daisies that need to be protected because these so-called ‘evil’ foreigners are out to harm their women. And the woman just happened to give a man her monthly salary without thinking about the consequences of her action. God the hypocrisy of this, I can’t. -facepalm-

    • black_rose45000

      Ikr? It’s not like the man threatened her and her family into giving him the money or having unsafe sex. Let’s be honest here – there were two people to blame each time. And the women dated the foreigners because they probably wanted to. If I didn’t want to date a man, foreigner or not, I wouldn’t, simple as that. I really don’t see how that makes a report in the first place.

  • http://twitter.com/adhsty Stevani Adhisty

    hitler’s case suddenly popped out of my mind when reading this article. germans were also a nation who has high nationalism and pride of their own country, until the holocaust taken its toll. remember how their sadistic acts of genocide, killing jewish (also romanians, soviet, even homosexuals) people in europe, making people all over the world feared them. but look at them now, their nation consists of so many race, like half of their citizens in big cities are foreigners and there’s a little case that involved racism there. look at their football team, die nationalmannschaft consists of so many naturalized players, most of them have been living in german since little and their nationality grew on them. even though in some remote area they’re still unable to accept foreigners, but hey, they’re literally living in an area where most people can’t reach them, so maybe they haven’t adjusted to accepting foreigners. i hope south korea can learn from this. maybe the case isn’t that frightening as the holocaust, but it can show them that it’s possible to accept foreigners in their country. hallyu wave is becoming strong by day, and the world is definitely watching them by their every small act. like you said, they just have to open their mind. they need to learn that not all foreigners are the same, just because your skin tone, mannerism, or even culture is different, doesn’t mean it’s all bad. they need to exchange their mind with them, not isolating them like their some kind of alien from a strange planet. that way they can learn how to deal with the influences, not making it worse.

    • black_rose45000

      “even though in some remote area they’re still unable to accept foreigners, but hey, they’re literally living in an area where most people can’t reach them,”
      There was an article here on SB about SK’s history and how certain events led to ppl not being very welcoming of foreigners even nowadays. I guess it all makes sense in a way.
      You giving the example of the holocaust was very interesting. It sort of makes me think something big needs to happen so that an entire society like SK’s now in this case, change its thoughts and perceptions. Something like a fall from grace, that would make them realize they’re not at the top of the world, and learn what modesty and acceptance means. The way it goes now, or it seems to, is that SK wants to be accepted everywhere, but doesn’t even stop to ponder about accepting others in return. :(
      The case of Germany is a happy case now, and it makes me proud in a way, of how far long we have come. Like other cases of racism throughout history, though there is still discrimination and hatred around, we’ve come a long way from what it used to be.

    • omc1001

      To compare Germany and South Korea because they were racist at some point is more of a superficial association; the countries have a different history and the causes are incredibly different. Moreover, the Turkish minority still encounters a lot of problems there. But that’s not the problem, what I mean it’s that the context is very different for both countries.
      Just a side note: the Romani people were the ones discriminated, not Romanians.   

  • dodo18

    jerk are everywhere , and it’s reallly surprising that a national network can broadcast such stupid report. they make their women like virgins innocent who are cheated by foreign guys . please which girl excpt to find the love of her life in abar , even more a guy probaly there for holiday , and korea don’t know something called one night stand? all relationship don’t lead to marriage as far i know , if both parties agree what is wrong with it. korea wants tourist but still make such stupid report on tv like seriously. if you want to reach others countries you have to accept others people as culture too. what is wrong with people having skinship , it’s not korea don’t do it that the rest of the world don’t do it. i doubt someone who go in korea just for few weeks in holiday gonna learn everything about korea just to not make them incomforatble.

  • black_rose45000

    Thoughts on the video:
    1. it seems like they’re basically despairing now that Korean women engage in the same debauchery that us foreigners who are completely immoral and sex maniacs, are. I mean, “this is like the compromising intimacy seen in films”? To quote just one phrase from that part. And while we’re at it, which films? Some Korean movies are pretty explicit too. So it’s okay to have and sell sex in every way of entertainment, but actually displaying affection (not that I do that – not my style, but still) and intimacy with a person of the opposite sex is taboo? Very interesting.
    2. “A foreign man approaches the woman. In a few minutes, they are in a romantic mood like an old couple”. Really? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the woman acted on her own accord, fully aware of what she was getting into? Maybe she wanted to establish that intimate connection that fast. I doubt the man brainwashed her, threatened her with a knife or cast a spell on her. So what’s the deal?
    3. Victims? Victims of what? They skipped from “men making bad comments on K. women” to “victims of foreigners”? is that the conclusion?
    4. She became pregnant, he never called. That happens everywhere, I don’t know how often it happens in S.K., but it happens a lot. It’s called “meet the wrong man, be stupid and don’t use protection, reap the consequences”. Though the child has no fault and I don’t wish to make it seem like insulting a poor, unborn child.
    5. Think about the impact of growing number of foreigners on the society?Yeah, ok. Why don’t you cast them all away and close the doors behind them? Or maybe, preach about safe sex and the negative consequences the lack of it can have.

    Also, what is the rape rate in S.K by Korean men? If we’re to preach about bad apples and put whole other cultures or ethnic groups in a shady light, then let’s take a look in our own “garden” too. Rape is everywhere, regardless of who does it. Unless they were a society who did not know the meaning of unconsented sexual intercourse, then I don’t see why casting the judging eye on foreigners.
    Tsk, I hope that report doesn’t reflect most people’s thoughts and opinions on foreigners’ good or bad influence on their society.

    • jesuis2

      White girls seen as ‘easy meat’ by Pakistani rapists, says Jack Straw

      Row erupts after former home secretary says grooming for sexual abuse is a problem among some Pakistani men

      The former home secretary Jack Straw has been accused of stereotyping Pakistani men in Britain after he accused some of them as regarding white girls as “easy meat” for sexual abuse.

      The Blackburn MP spoke out after two Asian men who raped and sexually assaulted girls in Derby were given indefinite jail terms.

      Straw said there was a “specific problem” in some areas of the country where Pakistani men “target vulnerable young white girls”.

      His comments were criticised by Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, who said it was wrong to “stereotype a whole community”.


  • http://twitter.com/heda727 dahe

    i remember the star king incident where they portrait an arab as terrorist it was so blatantly racist. and in top of that they dared to play innocent and say they didnt know it was offensive!! 
    if korea want to be more global and get international recognition, then its only logical to stay away from offending your consumers/audience. …this video is just disheartening. the malicious intentions of it is obvious. they could have “warned” koreans (women in this cause) that foreigners have different ideas about relationship than koreans and they need to be aware of that without painting foreigners as bad low morals pigs. 

    • black_rose45000

      “(women in this cause) that foreigners have different ideas about relationship than koreans”
      Exactly. and not only that, but when they say “impact on foreigners on society”, it’s like they only blame foreigners, when in change, they could inform the Korean population about the other cultures, and especially about safe sex, if that’s a subject they’re not too well informed about *rolls eyes*.

  • sonwabile antonie

    South Korea will do well to note what is happening with Euro 2012 Football championships which are hosted by Ukraine and Poland. These two countries have received bad publicity about their racism in their local football leagues recently because all eyes are on them. Players have been abused by supporters in the stands and the tournament has just started.

    South Korea might not be as bad but it will benefit them to see how a few racial incidents have spoiled the image of Ukraine and Poland for people of colour who might have visited their countries. Korea will host the Winter olympics in a few years, it should sort out its issues

  • Streby

    A rape is a rape, irrespective of the colours involved and yes, there may have been some crimes which were commited with racial factors involved (say some creep is turned on by South Korean women but cant get laid) but the real issue here is that this segment is not really dwelling into the issue of the rape and why one human would want to do that to another but simply and conveniently pointing fingers at the ‘lustrous sexually-free Caucasian’. 

    It is really difficult to really look into the issue for what it is and not take such factors into consideration simply because our prejudices are rooted very deep and sometimes, we find that the truth can be very unpleasant to hear, even if it is only for our own ears. 

  • animasaurus

    Well, that is disgusting and ignorant.

  • http://twitter.com/DeniseHuxxtable Thank You Sun God

    This the best article I’ve read here. 

  • jennanelson

    Another extremly biased element of this brodcast is that it only features Foreign Men preying on Korean girls. What about the foreign women who might go to korea and be preyed on by korean men? i have a friend in Japan who tells me that many men would jump at the chance to date a white girl. Now, i know japan and korea are pretty different when it comes to alot of things but guys are guys no matter what country they are from. People like novelty and if novelty means dating the korean girl or White girl, they’ll go for it. To say that only foreign men are out to steal the “pure and innocent” local girls is stupid, especially if the local boys are looking for foreign hook ups too.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MMRQEZEPSNJ26LJ7XJNDDM5NCI JasmineA

      I know what you mean. I was watching a women on youtube who is in Korea, and she has large breast and she did a video about how she has been groped on the subway by Korean men and children (although she doesn’t seem to be bothered by the children doing it) numerous times and they don’t think much of it when they do it either as if she isn’t worth respect because they have to know that’s wrong to touch someone in that way without the permission when you don’t even know that person, Im sure they wouldn’t grope a Korean lady in the subway. Unfortunately it happens often, if your foriegn women with a big bust you have to watch out for that kind of stuff. Why don’t they do a video on how foreign women are sexualized? This not to say all korean men will grope foriegners on the sub but Im just saying, it’s obviously not a foreign male problem.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1240283540 Jenna Nelson

        i have heard similar stories about foriegn women being touched on the subways. i spoke to a woman who visited korea and people would touch her hair because her hair is very blond. Asain women are generally on the smaller breast side, and I understand that people world wide are interested in things they don’t see in everyday life, such as light blond hair or a large bust in the case of Korea. I don’t understand why it is ok to just touch someone else without permission, especially in a more personal area such as the bust.
        I definity think the media plays a part in the way men think of women from other countries . The asian demographic is under represented in north american media, and the most memorable image of an asian girl is probably the “innocent but sexy” high school girl in a sailor uniform with a super short skirt (we all know that some japanese manga and anime can be extremly sexual and kinky) .  North american music is popular world wide and white women are often portrayed as easy and promiscuous. Most of asia’s westrn pop culture exposure probably comes from things like Brittney Spears MVs  (again using the “sexy school girl” concept at times) and other similarly styled mvs. Neither country has done a very good job when it comes to respectfully representing their women both locally and overseas, but there is a reason why the phrase “sex sells” was invented. neither impression of asian women or white women is true a it’s really unfortunate that the media world wide has done a great deal to portray women as sex objects.
        Culture differences also play a part. In north america skinship usually happens faster in relationships than in korea, something they may see as shocking and inappropirate if they don’t know much about western culture.One night stands are looked down upon in korea where as in north america, one night stands are alot more accepted. They happen often enough and both parties usualy don’t expect more from a relationship that starts in a bar. One night stands are often a theme in movies, tv shows, and music whereas i don’t see them very often in k-dramas and when i do, the characters always end up in love in the end anyways (which we all know rarely happens from one night stands, but since when have k-dramas been realistic?). Culture difference could also explain why koreans may think it is ok to touch someone without permission. Skinship between friends is a lot more accepted than in the west, and perhaps touching isn’t seen as rude, only curiostity.

        just a note that all the impressions i got of korean culture are from what i have learned from k-pop, variety shows and k-dramas.

  • Chotto1

    Just imagine if one day, all these “foreigners” said, “Fine, we’ll leave” packed up, took all their investment and economic connections and turned their backs on SK. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t pull this sort of stunt again.

    Men (I’m willing to bet money that a group of insecure and butthurt Korean men greenlit this fiasco), who don’t realise that women are capable of making their own decisions need to pipe down and have a seat.

    We, as a human race, are intrinsically connected in important and complicated ways. It’s naive to do things like this because the consequences could (and I believe should) be quite bad for the offending party. The world has and is moving forward in a permanent way; no matter how much they want it to change, things will never go back to the way they were. If they did, SK wouldn’t be the same economically developing nation it is now. Any country, for that matter!

  • Capri08

    Seeing stuff like this, is what makes me say that the Hallyu wave will not last long. With stuff like this being reported, it goes to show how ignorant and biased the Hallyu wave can be. And exactly what kind of reaction were they hoping for!? 
    To be truthfully honest, I get so tired of hearing excuses, of how conservative S.Korea is, and that we as foreigners should be more open minded towards their culture. 
    Hey, I am open minded and I respect every culture out there and other people’s way of life. But one thing I can’t tolerate is blatant accusations. And that’s all this report was, it’s sad that their chiefs/producers gave the okay for this kind of segment. Knowing that it will probably be followed up by a apology letter on their website. 
    News Stations and TV variety shows heads up for next time you want to do a segment like this again, just ask yourself, ” If some other reporter/show did a segment like this on S.Korean people would I take offense to it? “.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TTZ2FYN62OVKFZZEXXIJT4M54U Julia

      MBC did actually come up with an excuse(as expected)I could not remember where i saw the quote but they pretty much said something along the lines of this”We(MBC) got this video from a random person and we broadcast it but we did not realize that this video was racist.” And you are right because of this the Hallyu wave won’t last,especially in the states.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/lovetigerfist xnopex

    when i first saw stories about this “documentary”, i figured they’d go into how the west perceives asian women and how they’re sexualized through western media and how many western men internalize those negative stereotypes (i.e. the ‘geisha’, the ‘servant’, the ‘prostitute’, the child-like av star) and how that plays out in cases of sexual assault or consensual interracial relationships.

    butttttttttttttttt i realize that that’s far too progressive primetime korean tv (hell, too 
    progressive  for much of primetime tv). i watched it. laughed for about 10 minutes at how offensive it was. and sighed HEAVILY.

    best kdrama i’ve seen all year. give these guys a pulitzer hahaha.

    i’ve said this many times that for a country that has the fastest internet in the world, i am surprised that entertainment companies do not like using it as an educational tool!

  • Mika_San123

    It’s ridiculous that Korea expects the foreigners whom they discriminate against to wholly embrace Korean culture despite racist generalizations. Yes, Korean culture fascinates me, but I have my own pride, and I’m not about to grovel at the feet of a culture, fascinating or not, that hates me.

    Dear South Korea,

    I like you, and you’re interesting, but you’re not THAT amazing. I’m not some lovelorn fool for your culture, and if you keep acting like some pretentious bigot by permitting such slander from your media, then, well, goodbye.

    • jesuis2

      And yet, Korean media shows more white faces in its advertising (both male and female) while US media shows largely Asian women, usually partnered with white males.

      Same goes for Hollywood.

      The few times Asian males are portrayed in Hollywood, they are either foreigner, the asexual geek, the misogynistic wife/girlfriend beater, the passive servant, martial artist, or Asian gangster.

      Heck, gay men have gotten better treatment from Hollywood.

      And the problems with the media in Korea is no different in Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, etc. – except that whites are treated better than Asians of different ethnicities.

  • aravisalice

    In the words of Jack White: “Well, you can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too”. The subtext behind the above clip irked the hell out of me for a couple of different reasons but before I get too outraged I think I need to watch the whole thing- any suggestions as to where can I go to watch the whole segment w/ english subs? Because where I’m at right now is indignant at being peddled wares by a country talking out of both sides of it’s mouth. So, to get my head around it- it’s ok to want to dominate foreign media and take foreign currency but interaction with said foreigners is not okay? And if it’s about the vile foreign men taking advantage of their sweet & innocent girls, don’t their own countrymen do the same? Isn’t this the MO of human nature everywhere? Does the broadcast show more than just hooking up at night at clubs/bars? Because unless I’m much mistaken, those aren’t typically places where long lasting healthy relationships typically begin anyways. Maybe if they branched their scathing expose out into other areas where it might be more shocking to hear about random hookups that inevitably don’t turn in to anything other than regrets, they’d possibly have more of a leg to stand on.

  • OhJisHo

    This ‘reporting’ by the Korean media is as laughable as Jay Park’s ‘sexy’ lyrics.  As a matter of fact, I have to laugh in order to avoid being offended or going on a rant.  This only paints the Korean women in relationships with foreign men horribly – which is not fair.  Men are men – whatever country they are in.  You mean the guy you met at the club just wanted a hook up?  No way! 

  • goldengluvsk2

    this is the reason why i have from time to time a love-hate relationship with SK… I dont understand why in one hand, they do whatever they can to acknowledge foreigners in media like they do in MVs to give a “global” and even “high class” touch to dramas and all organizing those kpop concerts around the world but then theyre killing and stabbing foreigners’ reputation by making them look like the Big bad Wolves the next day… its like theyre saying: “yes, we like your money and your attention to what we produce BUT dont you ever dare to come here and try to live with us because most of us would never like you and think you’re savages and are filthy…” its pretty ironic…

    sadly, there are bad people out there we know it but it doesnt mean that everyone is bad… you dont have to be a genius to know that its common sense… but as my
    teacher says “common sense is the less common of the senses” and i cant believe some cant believe its not a race, gender or nationality thing!
    in this case, not all the foreign men are horny or the Devil luring the innocent women… some looked like they were dating the girls and if they werent dating and it was a “one night thing” then theyre grown ass woman that know what theyre doing… and the worst thing is that the only “horny” men going to clubs are foreigners… if they prove me there are not some horny and bad Korean men then i’ll change my name…

  • jesuis2

    China and Japan are just as bad, if not worse.

    And let’s not forget the US, where “Mexicans”, Asians and blacks are still blamed for crime, etc.

    • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

       well, from the expression and emotion of your message, it appears that you are just as any affected and offended Korean who keeps on finding fault at others for you to make you and your fellow Koreans look good.

      Japan can be racist, but not AS BAD as your shady KOREAN media portrays, particularly Black people. In Japan, there are girls who strut themselves in a black gyaru fashion called GANGURO, but they are not making it looking bad and instead, they make it as yet another beauty variety aside from blond gyaru. There are singers like Kumi Koda and Namie Amuro are sporting tanned look or darker tan, and they make it lookin’ SEXY, not like Korean idols making african look real, real, ugly. Jun Matsumoto once played as half-Filipino in one of their dramas, and it wasn’t made looking bad, unlike the latest movie portrayed by Yoo Ah-In and it made seemed that kids born to Filipino moms will grow like bunch of assholes. Lee Da Hae did the mimicking of Filipino accent in speaking English wrong, while she has fucking no idea what kind of accent Filipinos have, like she is great at English, while Filipino english teachers, Call Center Agents, Professors and even kids can speak better than her considering that she was raised in Australia.

      Also, unlike Korea, Japan is way more multi-cultural as far as music business is concerned. Seriously, they have what they call GAIKOKUJIN TARENTO, and it is growing. Eternally sexy Leah Dizon is one of them, and Ruby Moreno, an award-winning actress, is a Filipina (it’s just that she was not given recognition by the Filipino movie industry when she landed her acting job in the Philippines).

      You Koreans are having the nerve to complain racism and shit when you get to US, while in your own native country, you have the nerve to label any foreigner that you see, like you are the bunch of purest beings on earth while your women have the capability to slutify themselves up. In fact, one of my colleagues (who used to be an English teacher to Koreans) even told me that ahjummas are bunch of backbiting ol’ bitches, women are even going to one of the gaybars in Pasay city to scout for some well-endowed guys. In red-light districts of Japan, if Filipinas and Japanese whores are hardcore, Koreans are 2x hardcore than them. Sorry for these below-the-belt attacks. The thing is, it’s about time to stop all the pretentiousness. It’s sickening.

      • jesuis2

        Sorry, but the whole Ganguro look in Japan has NOTHING to be wanting to look, much less be, like blacks.

        It’s a rebellion against standard Japanese ideals of beauty and along w/ the (overly) tanned skin, the Ganguro look pairs blonde, pink, silver, etc. hair color, bright make-up and circles lenses (usually blue, green) – things one doesn’t associate exactly w/ blacks.

        Plus the whole Ganguro look has a tie in w/ Japanese folklore related to ghosts and demons.

        I knew a couple of black expats who lived in Japan for a while and the no.1 thing they would complain about is how WHITE expats are treated FAR BETTER than them; they also say that “blackface” is pretty common over there.

        Now blackface in Asia is done out of ignorance rather than outright racism (Asians from Asia are pretty much totally clueless about racial issues that we see in the US, much less how Asians are stereotyped in American media).

        There a brouhaha in the US a few years ago about a series of stamps issued in Mexico depicting Sambo, which is understood as a derogatory images towards blacks – but the Mexicans were wondering what all the fuss was about.

        And there have been far too many cases of blackface being done in the US at college parties and even at corporate functions; these people know the racial connotations/ramifications blackface has in the US and they still did it.

        Like I said, Asians (as well as other places) have a pretty limited understanding when it comes to racial issues, so while there is racism in Asia, a lot of it isn’t actually racism and more or less just plain ignorance as to what things are considered offensive.

        Otoh, we see monkey/ape taunts and bananas thrown on the field at soccer/football games all throughout Europe and neo-Nazi hate groups who have actually hurt and killed foreigners w/ dark skin or different facial features.

        Now going back to Japan – the police are known to hassle not only the dark skinned foreigners, but also Asians who are not of Japanese descent.

        And the Zainichi, Japanese-Koreans (many of whom had ancestors that were FORCIBLY taken to Japan) have had to take Japanese names and hide their ethnic identity in order to not face discrimination.

        Heck, Sadaharu Oh, the Japanese Home Run King didn’t get much love when he was breaking the home run record due to being half Taiwanese (aka Wang Chenchih).

        So let’s not gloss over the Japanese when it comes to race and ethnocentrism.

        • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

           man! you have said much and apparently, some of them are out of relevance. sigh~!

          [It’s a rebellion against standard Japanese ideals of beauty and along
          w/ the (overly) tanned skin, the Ganguro look pairs blonde, pink,
          silver, etc. hair color, bright make-up and circles lenses (usually
          blue, green) – things one doesn’t associate exactly w/ blacks.

          Plus the whole Ganguro look has a tie in w/ Japanese folklore related to ghosts and demons.]

          Really? Where did you get that? Did you check Wikipedia? If Ganguro look is a no-no, as well as tanning of skin, then Namie Amuro and Kumi Koda should look as pale as any member of SNSD or any Kpop female star to begin with. What are the standards of beauty of Japan BTW? As uber-common as Korea? Fuck You! If that’s the case, then Japanese stars should look all the same as most Korean stars. In fact,my colleagues think that most of them look all the same, and it all boils down to this thing: One standard of ideal beauty. If you check Wikipedia, Namie Amuro once credited due to growing popularity of ganguro look.

          [Additionally, Amuro is often credited with starting the Ganguro trend, as it has its roots in “Amuraa” (Wikipedia)]

          [ School girls copied her every move and fashion whim and called themselves
          “Amurah”, and she was at least partly responsible for the whole “ganguro” (literally, cancer black) tanning boom. (JapanZone)]

          Also, you are getting out of point when you constantly pointing out the racism in United States. We are aware of that, but if you think Koreans do not sink to the same level as with Americans, then you must be crazy.

          • jesuis2

            Please, the whole pale/”white” skin thing is the same, whether in Japan, Korea, China or other parts of Asia (that’s why Japanese women of upper class used to pain their faces white).

            And Ganguro has nothing to do with emulating blacks (blacks are generally looked down upon in Japan); unless blacks happen to have blond pink, silver, etc. hair and eye color other than black/brown.

            What Korea has is enthocentricty and xenophobism (just like in Japan) which is DIFFERENT from racism.

            An Asian person of non-Korean ethnicity would likely be treated worse than a white person whereas in the US, a non-American white would likely be treated than an Asian of any ethnicity, much less an Asian-American.

            Koreans (like other Asians) don’t make outright classifications based on RACE.

            And despite there not really being “white-Koreans” – white images are fairly common in advertising/commercials in Korea while one can’t say the same for the US when it comes to Asian-American males (unlike for AAMs, Asian-Am females are way more used in advertising/commercials).

            And when have you ever heard of Koreans making monkey/apes sounds or throwing banana peels at black athletes (there are black athletes in Korea) like they have done in Europe?

            Heck, one can’t get past all the tons of comments in the US about how the President and the First Lady are “monkeys”/”apes” (and much worse), and let’s not forget about the President being a “Muslim” and “foreign-born.”

            And let’s not forget about all those “lazy”, “criminal” illegals from Mexico.

            So no – while Korea has its issues, it’s no way as bad as the US or elsewhere (in fact, Koreans are often harder on ethnic Koreans from NK or China than they are on whites).

          • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

             and also, please, try to check TheGrandNarrative.com and you can see the sexualizaition of Caucasian Women on Korean Advertisments.

            and also, is Namie Amuro, Kumi Koda are pale-skinned? If the whole white-skinned bullshit is ideal, then how come Thelma Aoyama made it to Japanese music industry?

            Korea is no way as bad as US, but still, they are portraying foreigners the same thing as US does. And oh, I won’t forget how Lee Da Hae portrayed Filipino English Teachers as ching-chong-y as any Asian do, as if Lee Da Hae is better English speaker.

          • jesuis2

            The sexualization of Caucasian women in Korea and the rest of Asia is nowhere like the hyper-sexualization of Asian women in the West (which, btw, coincides with the asexualization of Asian men).

            There are darker skinned K-pop stars like Hyori – there are always exceptions.

            And I’m not saying that Korea is immune to certain types of portrayals, but they’re no worse than what one would see in Japan, Tawain, the Philippines, etc.

      • jesuis2

        If Koreans “hated” foreigners so much, why would they flock to Hollywood films and watch American TV shows?

        And why would there be plenty of white faces/models used in Korean commercials/advertising?

        Many of Korea’s top female stars have been in commercials/advertising w/ WM models.

        On the flip side, we really don’t see American commercials/advertising w/ AM models partnered w/ a WF, celeb or no celeb.

        Heck, it’s rare to see an Asian couple (esp. young and attractive) in commercials/advertising in the US and Asians make up nearly 6% of the US pop.

        • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

           well, if there are plenty of western models in commercials/advertising in Korea, they are being portrayed in a rather sexual manner. You can check The Grand Narrative site related to it, and caucasian women are sexualized, as if they are bunch of sexual deviants.

  • Molly Del

    Great article! You are right on the money here!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ollian.chrollie Ollian Chrollie

    I really loved this article. It touched on things that I did find very odd in Korean entertainment. For example, on one hand they enjoy and clamor for foreign attention and on the other hand they do not really want to mix with foreigners.