• http://woaicpop.blogspot.com Haiyen

    This is great! If I had any chance to attend a lecture by famous South Korean celebrity-turned-entrepreneurs I would love to hear Park Jin Young and YG’s stories!!!!!!!!!

    • luvbb23

      that would be soooo cool!! but in terms of business, i would choose SM because he was the first to actually send artists to japan because their market was bigger. and boa and dbsk did really well because of his marketing ideas :]

  • http://woaicpop.blogspot.com Haiyen

    OMG I can’t believe I left out Lee So Man. Hate all you want about him, the guy founded the biggest and most powerful entertainment company in S. Korea and (arguably) the entire Asia.

  • Kim

    Luv Sangchu, I wish I could have been there…

  • http://www.webbizzblog.com Mr.WebPreneur

    Hmmm, This is kind of neat Wonder what will be around the corner!