Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


  • Mnet gave a taste of what’s to come in Queendom 2 by live streaming Episode 0 ahead of the show’s March 31 premiere

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Red Velvet became spring queens with “Feel My Rhythm”. Check out our MV review!
  • Highlight had us all in a “Daydream” for their latest comeback. 
  • Cravity made an energetic return with “Adrenaline”. Read our review here!
  • Verivery showed a darker side in recent comeback “O”. Take a look at our review!
  • Cnema made their fresh debut with “Mobydick”. 
  • D-Crunch returned with “Addiction”. 

Teasers & Announcements

  • NCT Dream teased the MV for their comeback with “Glitch Mode,” which will be released on March 28. 
  • Oh My Girl also continue to tease their March 28 comeback with “Real Love”. 
  • Purple Kiss return with “memeM” on March 29. 
  • Nine.i make their debut with “Parallel Universe” on March 30. 
  • Kingdom drop “Ascension” on March 31. 
  • Younite revealed teasers for the pre-release “Everybody” which will be released on March 31 ahead of their April 20 debut
  • Exo’s Suho makes his solo comeback with “Grey Suit” on April 4. 
  • ILY: 1 released the track list for their debut single album Love in Bloom, due out on April 4. 
  • Kwon Eun-Bi makes her first solo comeback on April 4 with Color
  • Ive teased their first comeback single “Love Dive,” which will be released on April 5. 
  • Bigbang make their long-awaited return on April 5 with “Still Life”. 
  • Shinee’s Onew will have his first solo comeback sometime in April. 
  • NCT’s Taeyong will collaborate with a special artist for an April release

Other News

  • Golden Child’s Daeyeol will enlist on March 29. 
  • Source Music is preparing to debut a new girl group in May. 
  • BTS J-hope has tested positive for Covid-19. Wishing him a quick recovery!
  • Snoop Dogg and BTS will collaborate on an upcoming single. 

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