Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


  • Omega X released pictures and texts refuting allegations that member Hwichan had sexually assaulted the group’s former CEO Kang Seong-hee.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • The Boyz were sweet like “Nectar” in their latest MV. Keep an eye out for our MV review!
  • Day6 returned with “Welcome to the Show.” Look out for a MV review from us!
  • APink‘s Kim Namjoo was so “Bad” in her newest MV. 
  • Purple Kiss embraced bad behavior in “BBB.” Be sure to check out our album review coming soon!
  • The New Six were on fire in latest MV for “Fuego.”
  • n.SSign try a new rhythm in “Funk Jam.”
  • Young Posse go large in “XXL.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • NCT Dream shared an MV teaser for “Smoothie”, set to drop on March 25
  • I’ll-it will make their debut on March 25 with “Magnetic”.
  • Super Junior D&E tease “GGB” MV, scheduled for March 26. 
  • BoA gave a sneak peek of the MV for her March 26 return with “Emptiness”. 
  • Unis will debut with “Superwoman” on March 27.
  • Candy Shop will also make their debut on March 27 with “Good Girl”.
  • Tan continue to tease their album 3Tan, set to release on March 28.
  • BabyMonster will make their first comeback on April 1 with “Sheesh”.
  • TXT drop concept clip for minisode 3: Tomorrow, scheduled to drop on April 1.
  • Lucas will make his debut with “Renegade” on April 1.
  • Nowadays shared a track video ahead of April 2 release of Nowadays.
  • Bang Yedam is teaming up with Aespa’s Winter for “Officially Cool”, out April 2. 
  • I.M shares concept photos for April 3 comeback with Off the Beat
  • Kiss of Life will return on April 3 with “Midas Touch”.
  • Drippin will also come back on April 3 with “Beautiful Maze”.
  • ONF drop concept photos for Beautiful Shadow, scheduled for release on April 8.
  • Epex reveal promotion schedule for their April 9 return with Youth Chapter 1: Youth Days.
  • BoyNextDoor will comeback on April 15 with How?.

Other News

  • NCT’s Taeyong will enlist in the Navy on April 15.
  • VIXX‘s Hyuk will enlist on April 18 and serve as a social service personnel.
  • Ailee revealed she is dating a non-celebrity and is planning to marry next year. Congratulations to the couple!
  • Jung Joo-young will be released after serving his 5-year sentence for his involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal. 
  • Plave’s Yejun will temporarily halt group activities due to being diagnosed with early-stage vocal chord nodules.
  • Source Music and Le Sserafim announce they will be taking legal action against violations of artist rights.

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