Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Kangnam has issued apologies to both Kyungri and Sam Okyere following netizen backlash over his comments. Kangnam’s first blunder came on an episode of Law of the Jungle where he casually stated he could beat Kyungri if someone asked him to. The second ignorant remark aired on a broadcast of My Ugly Duckling, where Kangnam asked Sam Okyere about things like the existence of televisions in Okyere’s home country of Ghana.
  • Two more bomb threats were made against A Pink members. Korean police have asked for cooperation from Canadian law enforcement as they look into the suspect. A Pink’s contracts with their Japanese agency also expired this week, and their Japanese fanclub will be dissolved.
  • The first accuser in the Park Yoochun sexual assault scandal, as well as her boyfriend and cousin,  have once again been sentenced to prison after their appeals were rejected. The accuser will serve twenty months for false accusations and attempted blackmail.
  • Prosecutors are seeking a two year prison sentence in their appeal of the not-guilty verdict for the woman accused actor Lee Jin-wook of sexual assault. Lee was found not guilty of the assault in question last year, but his attempt to counter-sue the accuser for false accusations was also met with a not guilty verdict. A final decision on the appeal will be made in November.
  • Former Exo member, Tao dealt with the Seoul High Court this week as he attempted to appeal his lost lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Unfortunately for Tao, the court once again sided with SM; meaning his exclusive contract with the agency was technically legal and fair.
  • In a follow up to last-weeks Bugsy Biting Scandal, Choi Siwon‘s family has been ordered to pay a fine of 50,000 won for failing to leash their dog — and Bugsy has reportedly been sent to live in the country. Check out our coverage of the scandal for more details.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out all this week’s releases in the playlist above!
  • Epik High made an epic return with the “Home is Far Away” and “Love Song” double feature. Did their latest album live up to the hype for you?
  • Yuju (GFriend) and Jihoo (IZ) cozied up for “Heart Signal.” Fellow GFriend member Eunha also got cozy with Chunji (Teen Top) in their duet MV, “Hold Your Hand.”
  • Is anyone singing “Hallelujah” for AOA Jimin‘s solo return?
  • Playback returned with a new single album for the track “Want You to Say.”
  • Got7 are using a their web series Got7 the Stage to show off the B-sides of 7 for 7. The latest release is a performance MV for “To Me.” It was also announced this week that Jackson will be taking some time away from group promotions to cope with the passing of his grandfather.
  • Louie and Soyou dropped the very short MV for “Monitor Girl.” Based on the teaser for her upcoming solo album, this is only the first of many impressive collabs she’ll be putting out in November.
  • Wheesung is now Realslow, and he’s back with “Aroma” featuring Hash Swan.
  • Im Chang Jung explored the pain of breakups in the MV for “Do You Know this Person.”
  • IN2T debuted with “Amazing,” and are already dropping teasers for their next MV, “Paradise.”
  • Our SM Station release of the week brought together Kangta, Wendy and Seulgi for a live performance of “Doll.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • It’s almost time for Twice‘s long-awaited first full album, TwicestagramAre you enjoying the teasers for “Likey“?
  • EXID will return as five for Full Moon on November 7. 
  • It’s time to “Fall in Lovelyz” with the prologue film for Lovelyz‘ upcoming album.
  • Victon will celebrate their first anniversary with a new mini albumFrom. Victon. Member teasers will begin on October 31, with the new MV and album coming out on November 9.
  • Exo Chen‘s dreams of a 10cm collab are coming true! Next week’s SM Station track will be the duet “Bye Babe.”
  • YG Entertainment claims we should expect a new Lee Hi album towards the end of the year. The fact that she’s collaborating with G.Soul only makes the indefinite release date all the more frustrating.
  • Queen Uhm Jung Hwa will team up with fellow queen, Lee Hyori for a track on her upcoming November album. The album is intended to be the second part of last December’s The Cloud Dream of the Nine.
  • The second installment of Sonamoo‘s Happy Box project is on its way.
  • Ready your sweet tooth for Gugudan’s single albumAct 3. Chococo Factory on November 8.
  • The next EveryDay6 single will be “Alone” on November 6.
  • Samuel Kim will return at some point this November with his first full album. Hopefully it’ll get a better reception from us than his debut mini did.
  • After participating in Produce 101, I.B.I. and C.I.V.A., Kim Sohee will serve her official solo debut, the Fillet, on November 8th.
  • Nine Muses Sojin will try her hand at acting in the upcoming web drama Will-o’-the-Wisp.

Other News

  • Kim Tae-hee and Rain welcomed their first daughter into the world this week. Congrats!
  • tvN says it’s not the end of the road for SNL Korea, but the ninth season will wrap up in November.
  • The first annual Seoul Awards were held this week: Anarchist from Colony took home the best film prize while Stranger was awarded best drama.
  • The Daejong Film Awards were also held, with A Taxi Driver taking home top honors.
  • Both Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Joon began their military service this week.
  • Just in time for Halloween, BTS donned a new batch of costumes for their “GoGo” dance practice video. Pretty sure nothing meets all the wardrobe challenges of last year’s special Halloween video, though.

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