Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Week in Review. 2017 just got started and there’s already big news:


  • The constitutional court hearing into Park Geun-hye‘s impeachment has officially begun. Elderly citizens have been marching in support of Park.
  • Choi Soon-sil‘s daughter Chung Yoo-ra, who has been in hiding in Denmark was detained by police this week. South Korean reporters, who tipped off police after being turned down for an interview, managed to record and publish an interview with Chung while in court for her detention hearing; however, they may now be facing legal action themselves for filming inside a court room, during Chung’s detention hearing.
  • Japan has recalled two of its senior diplomats from South Korea over the continued presence of a ‘comfort woman’ statue outside the country’s embassy in Busan. South Korean police had removed the statue earlier in the week, citing a lack of permit to install the statue, but returned it following public outcry.

In the world of entertainment:

  • Police have decided to dismiss the sexual assault case against SNL Korea cast member Lee Se-young, on the grounds that no physical contact was made. B1A4 will not be pursuing the matter any further.
  • Mino and Bobby have come under fire for a racist skit based on stereotypes affecting Black Americans, filmed as part of their Mobb activities in Japan. Mino especially is drawing ire for allegedly saying the N-word.
  • The South Korean government has introduced measures to help the entertainment industry navigate activities  in China following the THAAD-induced ban.
  • The Wonder Girls may be disbanding — reports state the members are currently discussing contract negotiations with JYPE and possibly also looking into other agencies.
  • M.I.B officially announced their disbandment, with Kangnam revealed as the only member still on contract until March.
  • Disbanded group 2NE1 will be coming back together one last time — minus Minzy. Bom, Dara, and CL will release “Good Bye” on the 21st. The song was partly penned by CL in response to news of the disbandment and was apparently intended for her solo US album, before YG decided to make it a group release instead. Who knows, it may turn up on the CL album too, we’ll know for sure if when it comes out.
  • Meanwhile it seems like an Ailee US debut may really be happening: stars like U-KissKevin have tweeted about the ‘US debut’ of a singer called A.leean… Debut single “Fall Back” is out now, and a lyric video is expected on the 11th.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • It was a big week at SM:
    • NCT 127 came back with two new additions and a new mini, Limitless. Johnny debuted!
    • S.E.S kicked off their 20th anniversary celebrations with a new album
    • And this week’s Station release is “Road” from Trax.
  • Which AOA song do you prefer: “Excuse Me” or “Bing Bing?”
  • Mixx are back with “Love is a Sudden.”
  • Cosmic Girls continue their aesthetic in “I Wish.”
  • Top Secret debuted with “She.”
  • Vromance are back with a ballad, “I’m Fine.”
  • April have returned with a new line-up.
  • Davii and Heize teamed up for “Navigation.”
  • Ina released “Rainbow.”
  • Shinhwa returned with more new songs.
  • Day6 released the first songs of their year-long project. The band will be releasing new music on the 6th of each month in 2017, with the songs being revealed beforehand at monthly concerts. If you loved the idea of MADE, then this project may be right up your alley!
  • BTS leader Rap Monster released “Always” on Soundcloud.
  • Got7 leader JB also put out new music on his freshly created Soundcloud account.
  • … And much, much more! Check out our playlist to discover more new music from the last week.

Teasers & Announcements

  • Sonamoo will be releasing “I Think I Love U” on the 9th.
  • Meanwhile, Ravi‘s debut solo mini will also be dropping on the 9th.
  • EXID will be putting out a Chinese version of breakout hit “Up & Down” on the 10th.
  • Hello Venus are set to return on the 11th.
  • WM will be debuting their new female soloist, I, on the 12th. I is also known as B1A4 rapper Baro‘s younger sister, Cha Yoon-ji.
  • Minx will be redebuting as Dreamcatcher on the 13th.
  • As announced at his Singapore press conferencePsy will be producing Rain‘s album — it will be out on the 15th.
  • CLC will be making a comeback on the 17th with Crystyle.
  • SNSD‘s Seohyun and f(x)‘s Krystal will both be making solo debuts in the coming weeks.
  • Teen Top‘s Niel will be making a solo comeback in March.
  • Pledis Girls have revealed their official group name as they prepare to debut: what do you think of Pristin?
  • Lovelyz will be revealing their new song in their upcoming concert.
  • Netflix will be developing its first original Korean series, an adaptation of webtoon Love Alarm, by Chon Kye-young. Lee Jae-moon of Signal and Misaeng fame will be helming the production.
  • 2PM have announced their final concert before members Taecyeon and Jun.K enlist.
  • Hyuna will be touring North America this year!
  • Mamamoo is preparing to debut in Japan.
  • Tiffany teased… something.

Other News

  • Grace and event organisers Wave Music Entertainment got into a Twitter disagreement this week: the rapper and 2016 rookie fave claims that her image was being used to sell tickets to an event she wasn’t performing in, while Wave Music claims to have a signed contract saying she was, before they decided to cancel.
  • Nam Tae-hyun, formerly of Winner, wants to start a band: learn more from his tumblr post.
  • Looks like YG is launching Big Bang cartoon characters to take over while the humans are enlisted, or something.

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