Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! This past week was filled with announcements and celebrations, and that’s probably the best way to kick off the year. Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Longtime couple Rain and Kim Tae-hee tied the knot this Thursday in a small, private ceremony. Congratulations to the couple!
  • Following up on their promise to disprove the Wooshin/Somi inappropriate touching scandal, TOP Media submitted the video to a forensics lab. The lab concluded that the possibility of actual touching was very low. TOP Media still plans to take action for the malicious online comments of the Up10tion member.
  • Kim Hyun-joong‘s ex girlfriend has been indicted for fraud and liable, following the revelation that some evidence she raised against the singer may have been fabricated.
  • The first woman to accuse Park Yoochun of sexual assault was sentenced to two years in prison for blackmail and false accusations.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out all this week’s releases in the playlist above!
  • CLC re-vamped their image with the help of Hyuna for “Hobogoblin.”
  • SNSD‘s Seohyun showed off a new image with her solo debut, Don’t Say No. Seohyun will hold her first solo concert Love, Still as part of the Agit Series next month.
  • Teen Top‘s Niel also matured in his second solo venture, “Love Affair.”
  • Loona introduced their newest member Yeojin through the fairytale MV “Kiss Later.” What do you think of these monthly pre-debut MV introductions?
  • Dasom (Sistar) and 40 covered Acoustic Collabo’s “You and I.”
  • Shinhwa released an edgy dance version of “Touch.” Humorously, the group also revealed on Weekly Idol that their secret to happy group photos is a little butt touchin’.
  • Produce 101‘s Kang Sira debuted as a soloist with “Don’t Wanna Forget.”
  • While former Produce 101 contestants are debuting, the project group I.O.I. is coming to the end of it’s run. The group’s final song, “Downpour” was released digitally this week.
  • Luna, Hani, and Solar came together for the sexy single, “Honey Bee.”
  • Monsta X‘s Jooheon dropped his second mixtape track, “Rhythm.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • Suzy‘s pre-release “Pretend” topped the charts this week. Her official solo debut will happen on January 24 — and it’s safe to say expectations are high.
  • YG dropped a blurry as heck teaser for 2NE1‘a final “Goodbye.” Former member Minzy also took to social media to say that she only found out about the farewell single through the media, and was not asked to be a part of it. Despite the messy way YG has handled this disbandment, Minzy expressed gratitude for 2NE1 and well wishes for the members. “Goodbye” will be released on January 21.
  • Exo‘s Chen will collaborate with Dynamic Duo for upcoming Mixxxture Project sponsored by Amoeba Culture and Loen Entertainment.
  • Antenna Music is also starting their own collaboration venture, Boys and Girls Music Project. A lot of details still remain to be fleshed out, but Sam Kim and Loco are first up with the single “Think About’ Chu” on January 25.
  • SM confirmed that Red Velvet will return in early February. Anticipate teasers soon! In the meantime, Seulgi will feature in the SM Station duet “Darling U” with Yesung, out on January 22.
  • Woollim‘s Lovelyz, and JYP‘s Twice are also shooting for February comebacks.
  • Following her stint on Unpretty Rapstar, Kasper signed with DSP Media. This week she released her first single, “Lean on Me.”
  • Jessi pleads “Don’t Make Me Cry” in a new teaser.
  • Pentagon released the cute and quirky teaser for “Pretty Pretty” staring I.O.I.’s Chungha. The MV comes as a follow up release to their last album, Five Senses. 
  • San E‘s new album Season of Suffering is set for release January 23.
  • Casting News:
    • 2PM‘s Chansung will appear in new detective drama.
    • TvN‘s new drama She Loves Lies will star Red Velvet’s Joy and Lee Jung-jin.
    • Minzy and Somi will participate the second season cast of Unnie Slam Dunk.

Other News

  • The Seoul Music Awards took place on January 19, with rookies and veterans alike rounding out the top prizes. Exo took home the Daesang grand prize, making them the first group in history to win four years in a row. BTS took home the most awards, with the album award for Wings, MV award for “Blood, Sweat and Tears,” Best Male Dance Performance, and a Bonsang. Twice, Taeyeon, ZicoSeventeen, Red Velvet, GOT7 and GFriend also received Bonsangs. Best New Artist went to Black Pink and NCT. Though not in attendance, Shinee received a popularity award. Congratulations to all the winners!
  • A video surfaced of Seo In-young swearing at staff on New Years. Star Empire quickly released an apology, saying that the actress was not swearing at anyone in particular, but rather at the frustrating situation she was in at the time. The actress’ virtual husband, Crown J asked the media to butt out of the controversy. But it’s safe to assume that this controversy will definitely put their television marriage on With You on thin ice, or maybe bring it to a premature end.
  • Boa and actor Joo Won are the latest celebrity couple to come forward.
  • None of the Big Three want any part in Produce 101‘s second season. MC Jang Geung-suk has opted out as well.


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