Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of The SB Mixtape!

We’re in the home stretch now — 201 is almost over. While the year in Korean Entertainment was not as tragic as 2014, there were still a lot of shocking and sad events, from disbandments, to member departures, and other scandals. And while there were some good things, like popular comebacks, exciting (solo) debuts, and entertaining drama, on the whole I think we can agree that when 2016 hit us, it hit us hard.

These blows are what inspired our latest playlist, now on Spotify! Below, you will find songs from this year that describe both our general feelings towards 2016 (“Someone Like U,” “Fxxk It”), as well as some that feel like 2016 talking to us (“Russian Roulette,” “Monster”).

Readers, what 2016 songs do you think capture the year that was? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image via: YG Entertainment)