Welcome back to SB Week in Review! Whew, what a week it’s been. Luckily, we’ve got all your news sorted:


  • The rumored Chinese ban on Hallyu made headlines again this week, with reported new measures being taken by Chinese media companies to stop Korean idol and actor activities in China.
  • Updates on President Park Guen-hye‘s political woes:
  • YG hit us with a series of big announcements late this week:
    • 2NE1 is officially disbanding. CL and Dara decided to stay with YG, and have signed solo contracts. Bom decided not to resign. We may have seen it coming, but the news still marks the end of an era.
    • Following news of his recent hiatus, Taehyun withdrew from both Winner and YG. His contract with the agency was voided on November 18.
  • In perhaps the most surprising good news of the week, Crayon Pop‘s Soyul and former HOT member, Moon Hee-jun will be tying the knot in February.
  • There’s been some fallout between Exo-L and Armys after the 2016 Melon Music Awards last weekend. Exo-L question Melon’s awarding Album of the Year to BTS, when Exo‘s album sales were higher. Some fans have even gone so far as to petition and phone Melon to demand answers. Controversy also arose surrounding the rookie award, which went to Black Pink and not I.O.I. Ah, nothing quite like awards season to get some fanwars brewing.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out all this week’s releases in the playlist above!
  • San E put out the clever diss track “Bad Year.”
  • Mad Clown is back with “Lie” featuring Davichi‘s Lee Hae-ri.
  • Kim Sejeong dropped her first solo track “Flower Road” produced by Zico.
  • Brown Eyed GirlsJeA released her new single album You O’Clock with two new MVs for “You o’clock” and “Winter, It’s You.”
  • Leading up to their KER special album release, Vixx gifted fans the MV for “Milky Way.”
  • Up10tion want to be Somi‘s (I.O.I.) “White Knight” in their latest MV. They also released a special performance version of the title track on V App.
  • SG Wannabe came back with the touching MV for “I’m Missing You.”
  • Our SM Station track this past week was Heechul and Min Kyung-hun‘s “Sweet Dream.”


Teasers & Announcements

  • The holiday releases are coming!
    • Oh My Girl and HaHa will kick of the season with “White” on November 29.
    • Baek A-yeon and JB (Got7) will release their holiday duet “Just Because” on November 30.
  • April will return early next year with two new members, Rachel and Chae-kyung. Maybe this new line-up will stick?
  • Seventeen will be Going Seventeen on December 5. Keep up with the group’s Twitter for all the concept teaser updates.
  • Former MBLAQ member Thunder (Park Sang-hyun) plans to release his first solo album in the near future!
  • B1A4 will hopefully have Good Timing with the release of their upcoming mini album on November 28. Excitingly, at least one member had some hand in each track on the mini.
  • Bermuda Triangle” looks like a wild ride. Anyone else stoked for the Zico, Crush, and Dean collab?
  • S.E.S. will reunite under SM Entertainment for the special project Remember. The comeback features two lead singles, a television show, a two-day concert and a special remix track. The festivities kick off with the release of the SM Station track, “Love [Story]” on the anniversary of their debut, November 28.
  • Speaking of K-pop legends, Shinhwa will return with their 13th studio album Unchanging (Part 1: Orange) on November 29.
  • The nostalgia doesn’t end there: Sechs Kies dropped the first teaser image for their remastered hits album, 2016 Re-Album due out on December 1. 
  • Big Bang‘s MADE full album will finally arrive on December 12.
  •  Drama news:
    • Infinite‘s L has been cast in the upcoming MBC drama Master of the Mask.
    • Han Sun-hwa (formerly with Secret) will star in MBC’s two-part drama, And, Spring.
    • The teaser is out for Hwarang, featuring Minho (Shinee) and V (BTS).


Other News

  • The 37th annual Blue Dragon Film Awards took place this week. The Handmaiden and the Wailing were the biggest winners of the evening.
  • Both TOP and JYJ‘s Junsu will be enlisting early next year.
  • The doctor charged with negligence in the death of Shin Hae-chul back in 2014 was sentenced this week. The man will serve a ten month prison sentence, followed by two years of probation.
  • Rappers Iron and Kiddoh were sentenced to two years probation and rehabilitation for marijuana possession last year. The two will also pay an undisclosed fine.
  • Park Yoochun requested to attend A’s sexual assault trial.
  • Lee Hyori and all of YG are some of the idols who will be sitting out the 2016 MAMA awards. But you know who will be there? Wiz Khalifa.
  • Sulli was admitted to the ER with a wrist injury on November 24. Given all the speculation and breaches of privacy surrounding the incident, we’re wishing her a peaceful and speedy recovery. Hopefully without the media frenzy.

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