What we’re gonna do right here is go back. Way back. Back in time!

That’s right. This is a trip down memory lane for old-school K-pop heads. The songs that got many of our readers invested into the Korean music scene in the first place. Before K-pop even had a name, Korea was churning out their own brand of pop music, reminiscent of the ’90s pop scene in the States. The 1990s in Korea brought your bubblegum bops, your syrupy sweet ballads, and the arrival of a new type of music with a harder edge to the country: hip-hop.

With the release of SHINee’s latest track “1 of 1”—a ’90s inspired throwback jam—it seemed fitting to take a look back. Keep in mind, however, this list is strictly ’90s. So unfortunately some truly iconic tunes didn’t make the cut (including one of Korea’s biggest and most beloved club bangers, DJ D.O.C’s “Run To You,” which was released in 2000). That being said, there are plenty of tracks to get you hype and send you on a trip back to simpler times. So slip into some oversized pants, snuggle up with the poster of your Shinhwa or S.E.S bias, and enjoy the ride.

I Love the ’90s! from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.